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Big Dreams, Drooling Allowed

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Our dogs are part of the family (maybe even the best part). That’s why every single thing we do focuses on our passion to provide a loving home to Boxers of all ages and backgrounds. Since Holly (MLBR’s founder), cannot keep all the dogs in her back yard, she decided that expanding the rescue’s reach would be her pursuit. Creating a dog sanctuary and thereby growing our impact in the PNW is one step towards that goal.


To design and build a sanctuary that will include the following:

  • A Senior Dog House

  • A Whelping Center (to help momma and puppies)

  • 12-15 Indoor/Outdoor Runs for dogs with kennel cough or aggression issues

  • A dog trainer on site

  • Volunteer Center

  • Plenty of space to run and explore

  • An enrichment area for dogs to train and interact

We'll seek out the old, at risk, sad, sick, injured, never-going-to-get-adopted dogs and give them a great life. And as our volunteer and foster bases continue to grow, we'll be able to save more dogs through fostering.

Providing a dog with a safe, comforting home-between-homes is an integral piece of the rescue puzzle. If you're passionate about animal welfare and boxers, then we'd LOVE to hear from you! We can always use more fosters. Become a foster today.

Save a Life! Enrich Yours!

Our mission is simple:

ENRICH LIVES: Our first passion is to give boxers of all ages a "forever" loving home. A place to live pain free, and have the freedom to move and play.

EMPOWER CHANGE: We're committed to continue helping dogs through private surrenders or rescuing from shelters.

EDUCATE: Plain and simple. We strive to educate owners and dog lovers on the Boxer breed and the importance of training, structure, exercise, and preventative care.

How To Support Our Vision

Donate now and be a part of something bigger than yourself!

You can find us on: Venmo: @MustLuvBoxers-Rescue

You can also donate by making a check out to MustLuvBoxers Rescue and mailing to:

MustLuvBoxers Rescue

27231 Manor Place NW

Stanwood, WA 98292

For more information please click here. Thanks in advance for your donation and support of our effort to save lives and to be a advocate for the Boxer breed. Your support and contributions will help us realize our dream- to build the MLBR Sanctuary.

Wishing you all a beautiful holiday and a new year full of promise!


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