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All the extra info to up your dog mom and dog dad game. 

The Boxer Breed

The Boxer is a medium to large-sized breed known for its strong, muscular build, distinctive square-shaped head, and expressive face. With a playful and energetic nature, they are characterized by their boundless enthusiasm, intelligence, and loyalty to their families. Their short, smooth coat often comes in fawn, brindle or white colors, and their trademark 'wiggle' and 'kidney bean' greetings showcase their spirited personality.


As natural guardians, Boxers are loving, protective, and thrive on human companionship, making them both excellent family pets and dependable working dogs.

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Experience the boxer rescue world like never before! Our dog blog is treasure trove of fascinating insights, training tips, health guidance, stories, and much more. 


Dive into our quarterly dog rescue newsletter and discover inspiring rescue stories, insightful tips for pet care, upcoming events, and exclusive updates on the progress of the rescue center. 

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Our training partners work hand and paw with us, shaping and guiding our adorable rescues toward a brighter future. 


Our list of vets provide top-notch care and support for our beloved rescues. 

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Surrendering your Boxer is not an easy choice to make and we're here to help you with the process. 


Did your dog escape your backyard? Or did you find a dog wandering around your neighborhood? Use this poster to get them back home. 

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Write a Testimonial

Write a Testimonial

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