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Fostering Saves Lives 

Be part of our lifesaving team by fostering.

The Foster Process

Thank you for your interest in fostering! When you foster, you not only save the animal you bring home. You also save the one who can take their place at a shelter.

STEP ONE: Review the programs below and then complete a questionnaire.

STEP TWO: We will contact you to complete a photo home check and to discuss any animals who may be a good fit.

STEP THREE: If a good match is identified, we'll contact you and review next steps.


Foster Programs

We match fosters with dogs who are a good fit in terms of lifestyle and time commitment. We have a few different foster programs you can choose to be part of. Find the one that works for you!

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Fostering is an easy, direct, and short-term way to make a lifetime difference. It simply means you provide a temporary home to Boxers in need and give them love and care while they wait to be adopted and MustLuvBoxers Rescue provides the rest.

Foster-to Adopt

Foster-to-adopt is a great way to learn if one our dogs is a good fit for your family prior to committing to adoption. When you foster-to-adopt, you take a dog home for a short, pre-determined period of time before deciding whether the relationship is meant to be. 


MustLuvBoxers Rescue Provides:


  • Pre-Approved Medical Expenses (including spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip, etc.)​

  • Food

  • Crate and Crate Pad/Pillow

We have a dedicated team of coordinators and trainers whose responsibility it is to make the experience safe and positive for our fosters and their dogs.


Forever Foster

This program provides geriatric dogs and dogs with special needs or unadoptable traits with a stable, long-term foster home, or a "forever family". You provide a rescue dog with the gift of unwavering care, making their world a better place and MustLuvBoxers Rescue covers all costs. 

"Found my perfect girlie through the MLBR Foster- to- Adopt program. After she’d been here a few days, I knew she was here forever." 

—  Amy B.

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