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Rescue Center and Senior Sanctuary
As always, 100% of Proceeds Benefit Boxers in Our Program!

$ 67,112.38 

$700,000 Goal

                  We need your help to open a brick-and-mortar rescue so we can save more Boxers! 

















If you know MustLuvBoxers Rescue (MLBR), you know that we are an all-volunteer non-profit dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming abandoned and unwanted Boxers. You may also know that we have grown tremendously in the last few years--instead of rescuing a few dozen dogs a year, we are now regularly rescuing and adopting over 100 dogs each year! As MLBR grows, it's become clear that in order to sustain our growth and provide the best care we can to the Boxers we love, we need to find a property to open a rescue center. 


The rescue center and senior sanctuary will have a main building for training and events, with space for 15 indoor/outdoor kennel runs as well as buildings for offices and volunteer work. And of course, we'll have lots of outdoor play space for our bouncy, happy Boxers to run and frolic! Not only will the rescue center serve as a central location for MLBR operations and events, it will also allow us to increase our capacity so that we can save more and more dogs in need. Together, we can continue to give back to the dogs we love so much!


We are accepting donations through the following ways:


Venmo: @MustLuvBoxers-Rescue or use the QR Code


PayPal: @MustLuvBoxersRescue


Give Lively:


Check: Please mail to

            MustLuvBoxers Rescue

            7528 313th St NW

            Stanwood, WA 98292

MLBR Venmo
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