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Magic, Moonlight & Fostering

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Ready for a jaw-dropping idea? One that will put a little pep in your step, a smile on your face, help you not feel not so lonely and is a real life-saver? FOSTER.

Yup! Like how I slid that six letter word in? Pure magic right?!

Fosters are and have always been the biggest life-saving tool of our rescue. So... if you find yourself working from home or missing your usual social interactions, this could be the perfect time to open your home and heart to a boxer.

Fostering gives a sense of purpose and wellbeing to people, not to mention the companionship for both the person and their foster dog.

The benefits of fostering a dog for both humans and dogs are immeasurable. Fostering gives a sense of purpose and wellbeing to people, not to mention the companionship can do wonders for you both. If you’ve considered fostering but haven’t been able to commit in the past, now’s the time to do it. Especially with the current state of unknowns, many dogs still need a safe place to land and they sure do provide us with comfort, ease anxiety, and get us out of our heads and moving.

Fostering an older dog can be a terrific option for retirees missing visits from grandchildren and other loved ones, for instance. When you have a people loving, wiggly Boxer in your life, you’ll never feel alone.

It turns out, a foster pup might end up supporting you just as much (if not more!) as you help them. Studies show that having an animal around can lower our blood pressure and stress levels. People with dogs and cats are less likely to be depressed, and animals promote healthy childhood development. This is what fostering a dog can do for our own mental state, especially in times like these.

Still sitting on the fence? See if fostering is right for you.


  • You're ready to have an animal companion without the lifetime commitment.

  • You don't just want to pet sit -- you want to help an animal recover from an injury or surgery with medical care covered by MLBR.

  • You're simply done with feeling lonely and would welcome a unique experience helping a ridiculously funny, clever pup, channel their energy in a positive, well mannered way.

  • You're missing your co-workers and would love a "home office" buddy to provide comedic relief.

  • You've got room on your couch, love taking daily walks, and are all about helping a Boxer in the midst of an extreme makeover (life edition).

Three ways you can foster for MLBR:

  • Foster

  • Foster-to-Adopt

  • Forever Foster

If you're game, we'd love for you to join our foster family. There is absolutely never any pressure here, but if you DO want to take this opportunity to open your home to a Boxer, just know that not only does it mean the world to our whole MLBR team... we know with your help we can make a bigger impact.

Sooooo, make haste, friends and get yourself over to our Foster Page, fill out an application, and make your old life (without a Boxer) realllllly jealous.


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