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How to Get a Good Picture of Your Dog

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

If you have difficulty getting a good picture of your Boxer because the second you take your phone out they're like NOOOO!!! You may need another approach.

Think about it. If someone were to come up to you and just shove their phone in your face, your first reaction is throw up your hands and say heck no! That's just instinct.

So, before you take a picture, ask their permission. "Hey, can I take your picture? You look really cute. I'm going to take my phone out, is that okay?".

It's going to make a difference. When you just simply ask ahead of time your dog most often will look at you and reward you with a big smile and cheerful energy then pose.

Now, your dog may just never want their picture taken and that may just be their personality. However, we think you'll have much better success if you just ask permission. Once you've been given a paws up, focus on the eyes. One of the ways dogs express emotion and character is through their eyes. Sparkly bright eyes, sad, droopy eyes, side glances, looking upwards - each shot you capture focusing on the eyes will help your viewer have an immediate connection to your subject. A few other tips:

  • Be creative. Get on their level, try different angles and vantage points.

  • Use burst mode

  • Use natural sunlight

Let us know if you try it out and how it goes!


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