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  • Laura Jennings

Take a Hike and Your Wiggle Butt Too!

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

As we begin to feel the briskness in the air and watch the leaves begin to change color, we feel fall enveloping us in its magical colors. Along with that beautiful picture in our minds, there's also another great picture, of our kids back to playing and laughing with their best friends at school. The fall season means that not only are our kids back in school, but our boxers are in doggie freedom heaven! We realize that with the end of the summertime fun, that there's also less time with our kids and dogs. This is to subtlety remind us of how life becomes so very busy from here until next summer and to not forget one of the most important figures in our family, our faithful boxer. Or should I say our forever faithful furry best friend. No matter what the breed may be, there's a whole lot of love to go around!

We have kept our dogs busy over the summertime, filling up their days with fun outdoor activities, along with much laughter, then with the sudden changes of the seasons, we begin to scramble as we get back into the hang of the school year. We set off in different directions and therefore our buddies are sometimes left to entertain themselves, to play with their variety of much-loved treasured toys. They do pretty well at keeping themselves busy and as happy as possible. They're also quite good at finding all kinds of fun and mischievous things to get into, even if they’re not supposed to, but they still need play time with their favorite buddies, us.

There are still some beautiful days of sunshine left on our calendars. Besides going for a walk, I thought another great idea is to take in the last of the sunshine by getting ourselves and our families out with our dogs and take a hike. Take advantage of breathing in some fresh air and getting some exercise for all of us, before the heavy rain sets in. It’s a win-win for all of us! This is a wonderful activity for several weeks to come, towards the end of fall you may end up getting a little bit wetter and colder, and that of course depends on the ever-changing mother nature looking over the Pacific Northwest. LOL To also let you know, there are many people who choose to hike all year round, right on through the winter weeks of snow. These include breeds of dogs you'd never think would fit that category. It is actually more of an unusual time of the year to hike, but also another breathtaking season to enjoy the beauty here. This choice greatly depends on the breed of your dog, whether he too would choose to embark on such an adventurous journey and making sure he is also prepared with the correct gear.

I believe one of the best ways to take advantage of these days is to step outside and take in some of the hundreds of beautiful trails we have available, almost right at our doorstep. A lot of the trails do not require a discovery pass, but I would make sure to always check before setting out for your day or even a half day adventure.

It makes me want to take off right now! It’s good for each of us and refreshes our bodies and minds, along with our dogs.

So when you're planning your hike for everyone, including your furry friend, here are a couple of reminders. Even if you’re only planning on hiking for a few hours, it’s always best to be prepared for at least the day. Here is a pretty decent day hike list I found to plan for your trip, More than likely you’ll never probably need half the stuff you pack, but it is always better to be overprepared than under. Another great thing to remember is to always get started as early as possible. It gives you more room together going up on the trail. I also love passing people on the last quarter of my trip down, because that means less travel time home.

Ok, so now on to that short list of hikes you can take your dogs on. I wanted to make sure and include several easy hikes, not knowing which level each of you are at. That way we can get more of you out to enjoy, along with your pups! I haven’t listed all the specifics, but if you’re interested in one you can always find plenty of information online.

  1. Lake 22, Granite Falls, WA. This is one of my favorite trails, with so much beauty to take in. It is a 6.7-mile hike, if you continue around the lake. It is a moderate to difficult hike.

  2. Red Top Lookout, Cle Elum, WA. This trail is an easy one, a short 1.5-mile awesome hike for all! It includes a fire lookout building to take in the beautiful views.

  3. Tonga Ridge, Skykomish, WA. This is a 5.4-mile trail. This hike is also considered an easy one, along with some pretty nature views for all.

  4. Heather Lake, Granite Falls, WA. This is a 4.5-mile trail. This one would be a moderate hike also full of beauty including the lake, for you and your buddy.

  5. Cougar Mountain Trails, Renton, WA and the vicinity has a total of 38 awesome miles of trails to explore to your heart’s content. Don’t be alarmed! The good news is you can choose from 4 different trails to hike. So, you won’t be hiking all 38 miles, unless you choose to, ha ha. Again, this is another great choice that is easily suitable for all levels. Humans and our pups alike.

  6. Twin Falls Trailhead/Olallie State Park, North Bend, WA. This is an easy trail and suitable for all ages. This has over 6 miles to hike. It has so many beautiful views, especially the falls themselves.

  7. Heybrook Lookout Trail, Index, WA. This is a 1.9-mile trail to hike. Actually, many of my favorite hikes and cabin get-aways are in and around Index. As a side note, it’s a great place to white water raft with the rafting business that is located right in town. Something to keep in mind for next summer!

  8. Deception Falls Interpretive Trail, Skykomish, WA. This is a very easy .6-mile trail. It also includes some nice woodsy scenery.

An awesome hike is great for everyone, the family can exercise and reconnect, while your furry friend is busy exploring the beautiful outdoors! it brings smiles to everyone’s faces as they take in the beauty around them. Then after you’ve reached home once again, you can lay down for a well-deserved doggie snuggle nap.

Wishing all the best to you and your furry best friend as summer greets fall and in adventuring out together for the last of the sunny days. Hopefully to some of the places I’ve suggested, keeping some snapshots of the day not only on your camera, but inside your hearts.

Here’s to furry hugs, belly scratches, puppy kisses and lazy day snuggles!

Much doggie love and hugs to each of you. Take good care of your wiggle butt, as he does you!



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