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The MLBR Gratitude Bowl

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

We took a cue from Ruffwear's tradition and are putting our spin on it.

Turkey. Gravy. A rescue boxer with a slobber slinger a mile long, throwing you "the look" for a tasty sample of what's on your plate. There's a virtual bowl being passed around at MLBR. In it are sentiments of gratitude.

While this year may look different, okay maybe a lot different...we wanted to sprinkle a little gratitude fairy dust. Because who doesn't need a little fairy dust in their life right now? Am I right? Okay, okay, back to the good stuff.


All the dogs that we've sprung, transported, rescued, fostered and adopted. You're the fuel of our business. You're the heart behind it all; the why we do what we do.

Our volunteers and our partners. So many of you are the absolute coolest and most fun dog lovers and we swear we have the best community in the game. Thank you for being our cheerleaders every step of the way.

We're so dang grateful for this community and the love we’ve witnessed you extend towards rescue boxers, each other and yourselves this year. Thank you.

And lastly, please allow us to bless you with this piece of pure magic (we've adopted it as our holiday 2020 vibe):


Here’s to enjoying that slice of pie and the ongoing comfort your dog provides. Cheers!

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