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5 Ways to Remedy Stinky Dog Breath

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Ever been bowled over by your Boxer's breath? Me too! Which is why I'm writing this post because no one tells you THIS little ditty about our cute, jowly doggos. Am I right?

Sure, you could Google a few options, but why do that when so many in our rescue family have tried, tested and discovered a few remedies that will keep your dog's stank breath at bay and your nose happy.

Here are some ways we've curbed stinky dog breath!

A daily probiotic. I'll be honest, I used to kind of roll my eyes at the idea of adding probiotics to my dog's bowl every morning, BUT it's game-changing. Research has shown that the good, active bacteria found in probiotics kill odor-causing bacteria found in the mouth. Plus it also supports digestive health.

Liquid Chlorophyll. Is a 'super green' natural plant component that's packed with vitamins (A, B, C, E, and K) and has antibacterial, anti fungal, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties that boost the digestive and immune systems. This potent ingredient neutralizes odors in the mouth and body by removing toxic bacterial growth.

Studies have also shown that chlorophyll can help prevent heart disease in humans - so would I recommend this for your Boxer?

You bet I would!

You can add it to your dog's meals or water.

Raw Carrots & Apple Slices. Fresh fruits and veggies always makes the best treats. The crunchy texture of carrots and apple slices help scrape away plaque buildup on your dog's teeth and gums naturally. They're also packed with beta-carotene and vitamins A, E, and C, which are excellent at combating bad breath. So that's a win-win in our book!

Antlers. What dog doesn't like to go to town chewing on an antler?! Gnawing the hard surface of the antler scrapes against your dog's teeth and gums. Just like the bristles of your toothbrush! The plaque is actively scraped off and removed. While chewing, your dog produces saliva. It contains enzymes that dissolve plaque, facilitating the scraping and removing of plaque and tartar build-up. Yay for drool! And if this hasn't persuaded you yet think about this. Traditional naturally-flavored bones such as dried pig ears and bones from pressed cattle and pig skin, are loaded with chemicals, preservatives and fats. Deer antler bone contains no calories and very little fat: only 0.1%. A Healthy Diet. Nobody's saying it but dog breath is a result of what's in the bowl. The root of 98% of dogs with bad breath and tartar build up is diet. Most pet parents feed kibble. And while kibble is convenient and affordable, it presents all sorts of health problems for your dog. In fact, the ingredients in kibble create more tartar build-up. It's often high in carbs (upwards of 40% of the recipe). Yikes! What should be in the bowl? A species-appropriate diet. One that's high in animal proteins like skeletal and organ meats (70-80%) with some veggies. Plus, when you feed low levels of carbohydrates, there won't be as much tartar buildup and bacteria.

Alright, I gotta ask: which option are you going to try? Don't scoff, take it from a girl who started by experimenting with natural dog remedies and discovered good oral health equals (kinda) good Boxer breath and fewer aromatic toots.


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