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5 Ways To Exercise With Your Boxer

Chances are, our dogs are getting more exercise than ever because many pet parents are still working from home. And working from home is great, if you’re prepared for it and if your dog cooperates when you’re on a client call or Zoom chat—right? It may also be a time for getting back in shape or find ways to enjoy activities while social distancing. Simply being outside soaking up the sunshine, breathing fresh air boosts your mood.

So, while you’re working from home, here are some exercises you can do with your dog and excellent ways to spend time together while parting ways with the dreaded “Covid 15” weight gain:

  • Explore the woods or hike a trail

  • Early morning runs or jogs around the block

  • Structured walks

  • Playing a game of fetch

  • Agility courses

Getting regular exercise will help keep your pup healthier, control their weight, build muscle and overall promote good health. You‘ll reap these benefits as well as having an improved mood from the serotonin coursing through your body when your blood is pumping.

Your Dog’s Current Health Matters

Before you and your pup hit the great outdoors, you may both need a wellness check. It’s not safe to go from couch potato to weekend warrior. To be sure your pup is up to a certain level of activity, contact your vet and schedule a wellness visit. Let your veterinarian know what type of activity you and your dog will be practicing and find out if your dog is healthy enough to participate.

Ways To Exercise With Your Dog

Go for a hike. Find a location close by where you and your dog can take a hike; or grab your supplies, hop in the car and drive to a local trailhead. Bring water, a collapsible water bowl for your pup, treats and waste bags. A hike in the mountains or woods is a great way to truly get away and get in touch with nature and it’s a wonderful place for you and your dog to get away for a bit.

Jogging. Let’s just preface this with some Boxers like to jog, others are more suited to zoomies in the backyard. The key to finding out is to start with a run/walk or a short loop around the block, then build up to a longer distance. Keep in mind, Boxers have shorter muzzles and cannot cool down as easily, so be sure to gauge your dog’s capacity for continuing the run and watch out for signs he is tiring. Also remember to bring water and a collapsible water bowl.

Structured walks. When in the outside world and away from the comforts of home some dogs get overexcited or fearful. And, overexcitement and fear can lead to unwanted behaviours, such as excessive sniffing, reactivity towards other dogs, and even dog-to-human aggression.

A structured dog walk can help your rescue dog overcome many behavioural issues. And, it can have a positive impact on your relationship with your dog.

Playing Fetch. Your dog may be happy spending time in her own backyard. It’s a comfortable space and she doesn’t have to worry about running into strange humans and strange dogs. If your yard is large enough, you can certainly give your dog the exercise she needs to be healthy and active. And be sure to join in on the fun!

Agility. If you have a place where you and your pup can practice agility that may be an amazing outlet for a dog who has boundless energy. A quick online search for “local agility courses” will provide results in your area and see what you need to do to get your pup enrolled. An agility course will require you to run the course with your dog to lure him into and out of the various platforms and tubes that are available. Learning agility or even learning nose work is not only a fun exercise for your dog, but it’s a great way to bond.

Let's face it...Boxers just want to be with their humans; so, any activity you do together is a major bonus and a great way to bond with one another. We bet you can find a way to exercise and have fun with your dog and can add to the list we’ve shared here.


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