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Legacy Gifts for the Boxers

Making a gift to MustLuvBoxers Rescue through your will or revocable living trust is a simple and flexible way to save the lives of homeless Boxers for years to come.

Your Will or Trust is a Flexible Way to Give

Gifting through your will or trust allows you the flexibility of specifying a dollar amount or a particular asset, such as real estate or stock. It also allows you to donate either a percentage or remainder of your estate. 

Just a simple provision in your will or revocable trust provides for the Boxers who need your help.


Ways to give through your will or trust

First, check with your legal and financial advisors to ensure your plans benefit both the people and causes you care about in the most strategic way possible.


There are several ways you can make a gift through your will or trust to suit your goals, including a specific gift and a contingent gift.

Specific gift 

You describe exactly what kind of gift you want to leave to a specific individual or organization and the designated source. If you want to leave a specific dollar amount from a specific source or a particular item, this is the type of bequest you would use. 

Here’s an example: Susan states in her will: “I leave my stamp collection to my grandson, Greg. I leave my beach house to my daughter, Maria. I leave my securities to MustLuvBoxers Rescue.” 

Contingent gift

This type of bequest is fulfilled if certain conditions are met. For instance, if your primary beneficiary does not survive you, you can indicate your next choice through a contingent bequest. Here’s an example: 

Greg states in his will: “I give all the rest, residue, and remainder of my real and personal estate to my wife, Barbara, if she survives me; if not, then I give 50% in equal shares to my children who survive me and 50% to MustLuvBoxers Rescue.”

For your convenience, we’ve provided some suggested language below that you could use in your will or trust. Please feel free to adapt this language with your attorney to fit your individual situation. 

Suggested language: “I give to MustLuvBoxers Rescue, a Washington corporation with its principal offices at 7528 313th St Pl NW, Stanwood, WA 98292, (the sum of $_____) (all or _____% of my residual estate) to be used for its general purposes.” 

MustLuvBoxers Rescue is a charitable organization located in Stanwood, Washington, and exempt from federal taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Tax identification number: 46-4391597.

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