Trish Buratt

My name is Trish Buratt and I am a MustLuvBoxers Rescue Board Officer. I have been a Boxer lover even before I owned my first Boxer. Finally broke down and found Sasha on July 4, 1997 and fell in love and brought her home immediately. With that, I realized that having one Boxer was not enough; so, along came Mattie, the world’s smallest and smartest Boxer. Unfortunately, Sasha got very sick, before her second year, with Lupus, and she passed away and broke my heart.

Still knowing that one Boxer is not enough, along came “Crazy” Gracie. She was nicknamed “Crazy” because she had high anxiety, Colitis and even though she was a female, she would lift her leg to pee. To help Gracie and her colitis, I went online to research what can be done. At that point, I discovered the B.A.R.F diet. This consisted of feeding the doggies’ raw meat and raw bones, which is what dogs in the wild eat naturally. This cut out all kibble food that could have been affecting Gracie. While not eliminating all the symptoms, there were many symptoms that did disappear. She was still “Crazy” Gracie though!

Eventually, what I realized was that even two Boxers wasn’t enough and along came Sammy (my “little guy”). Now there were 3 Boxers in the house (2 two-year old females and one male) and “Stormy” our 10-year old Papillion. What I did subsequently learn was that female Boxers do not necessarily get along after the age of two, and unfortunately, Gracie passed away after several intense battles with Mattie in a tragic accident.

During my researching of Boxer Colitis, I came across the “Boxerworld” website where I met many wonderful Boxer lovers including Holly Adams. Unfortunately, there was some conflict and I was banned from “Boxerworld” which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Holly actually sent me a letter asking me to join the “Must Luv Boxers” website, which I gladly did.

Initially, I joined and was an active participant in many discussions including many discussions about “raw” diet feeding. Holly saw in me that I was dedicated to Boxers and the site and eventually asked me to be a moderator and of course, I said yes. Eventually, I became a Board Member for “Must Luv Boxers”.

Holly and I had many conversations about Boxer rescue. There were several of us on “Must Luv Boxers” that also saw Holly’s vision. In fact, one of Holly’s first rescues resulted in a cross-country trip, driven by Shauna, Nick and Ziggy. They shepherded Auggie Doggie (a German Boxer puppy) in their 18-wheeler vehicle, cross country from Seattle to Orlando, where my husband drove from Fort Lauderdale, FL up to meet them and bring Auggie home to the house.

Holly guiding this effort, to get Auggie to me, was basically the start of “MustLuvBoxers Rescue”, which I am proud to be a part of, along with Holly and all the rest of the dedicated others that are involved. I’m so glad to see Holly’s vision and dream of starting her own rescue come true, and because of it, many Boxers are being saved around the world.


All of my Boxers have now passed, but rest assured, my home will have another Boxer to love soon enough. Probably more than one though!

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