Trick, Beg and Back -Up

January 30, 2017

Dog trick: Beg

Have your pup sit-stay, say “Beg” and raise the lure a head’s length above the puppy’s nose, so that it lifts its front paws of the ground and sits back on its haunches. If the pup jumps up, lower the lure and move it backwards a tad. Initially, it may be easier practicing this exercise in a corner, so the puppy may lean against the walls to keep balance.



Dog trick: Back-up

With your puppy in heel position, sandwiched between yourself and a wall, instruct it to “Back-up,” and then move the food lure under the pup’s chin and into its brisket. Alternatively, this exercise may be taught in a narrow passageway, such as between a bed and a wall. It is good to alternate “Back-up” with both “Forwards” and “Stand-stay.” The concept of forwards and backwards is a good one to learn in other body positions, such as the sit-stay. “Sit Forwards” and “Sit Back” are fine-adjustments to ensure that the dog is ideally placed to set off heeling for example. “Sit Back” is also good when the dog is too eager to get out of the front door.


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