Tricks, Rollover & Bang

January 23, 2017

Dog trick: Rollover

Have your pup sit and lie down, and then, keeping the food lure extremely close to the pup’s body, instruct the pup to “Rollover,” and move the lure backwards along one side of its muzzle to the top of its neck and over its shoulders. It may help if you tickle the doggie’s ‘doodads’ with the other hand. (Physical contact in the inguinal region causes most dogs to raise a hind leg.) As your pup rolls over onto its side and back, keep moving the food lure so that it rolls completely over into the down position once more. Once your puppy has mastered roll-over, a variation is to have the pup roll in the opposite direction with the obvious request, “Now, roll the other way.”




Dog trick: Bang

Another variation of rollover is to have the pup stay on its side or back and play possum. Firstly, try this from the down position. Say “Bang,” point your finger like a pistol, move the lure as above, but as soon as the pup is on its side or back, say “Stay” and keep the treat stationary. Secondly, try this from the sitting position. After saying “Bang,” give a down signal followed by the rollover signal. Thirdly, try “Bang” from a stand-stay using the combined down- and rollover-signals as before. Finally, try it when the pup is walking. Kids just love this one. So do many adults. “Bang” is the essence of the Omega Rollover.


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