10 tips to have your Boxer follow your commands

May 15, 2016

Each and every dog needs trying so they can adapt to an owners individual interests and style. As an owner you want your dog to follow your commands. To do this you have to establish word-action associations with the dog so they are able to understand you.


  1. Train the dog as early as possible. If you are in need of a professional trainer, contact us and we can refer a trainer near you.

  2. Feed your dog at regular times every day and make bathroom breaks regular as well.

  3. Talk to Boxers like you would children when they are doing something wrong--Just say "NO" when they do something wrong and immediately show them what the correct behavior should be. Just like with children, you need to reward them once they make a good choice.

  4. Never physically punish your dog! Only reprimand on the ones of a wrong action and only with your voice.

  5. Research has shown that the more a good behavior is rewarded, the faster and more efficient the learning process becomes. Scolding should be balanced out with praise for good behavior.

  6. Find a reward your Boxer likes. It can be treats, a toy or something your Boxer really loves to do.

  7. Play, Play, Play! Boxers love to play and its vital that training/obedience sessions end with play time.

  8. Despite the fact that Boxers tend to keep themselves clean, you will still need to bathe and brush them. Apart from the fact that you might actually enjoy grooming, it will also strengthen your bond with your dog.

  9. Trim your Boxer's nails regularly. Similar to other grooming practices, the trust developed between you and your dog strengthens your relationship.

  10. Take regular visits to your vet. Ask them to remove tarter from your Boxer's teeth periodically, especially as they age.


Through all of these points combined, you'll be able to take good care of your Boxer and train him to be a great companion.

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