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Bouncing Back The "Boxer Way"

Updated: Jun 4

This spring might have looked different than we planned, but that didn't stop us from thinking big and making some good memories. To celebrate in our own unique, fur-friendly way, we found creative ways to do what we do best- help boxers & connect them with their people.

When the stay-at-home order first began, we all saw one positive thing begin to emerge: folks who didn't have a dog for one reason or another, opened their homes to foster and adopt. In addition, we also saw an upwelling of kindness and care from the community.

While some dogs are getting adopted quickly through online posts, others are sitting patiently, waiting for an adopter with little-to-no interest. The coronavirus pandemic has encouraged MustLuvBoxers Rescue to think outside of the box and create new, exciting ways to build foster and adoption enthusiasm and involvement.

We flexed our tech muscles and fosters connected with potential adopters (via Zoom) from their living rooms and backyards. This is what fostering is all about: showing off a wonderful dog comfortably playing and relaxing in a safe environment, giving adopters a unique opportunity to virtually meet and learn more about the dog(s) personality and quirks. Our trainers also got in on the fun and shared live snippets on Facebook, of dogs practicing basic skills, recall and the best...first time meetings with horses.

Thanks to our donors, volunteers, and sponsors we hosted not one, but TWO online auctions and raised over $15,000 for MLBR. The goal of these events was to ensure our dogs get the medical care and food they need + continue finding them loving homes.

Thank you for continuing to look out for each other and taking time to read our blog. We appreciate you and look forward to seeing you an event once we get the thumbs up to mingle freely!


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