• Holly Adams

Adopting An Older Dog

Updated: Jun 25

Adopting an older dog can be a win-win situation, but it's usually not the first thing new owners think about when looking to add a dog to their family.

Which is a huge shame, because when you adopt a dog rather than a puppy you give him a chance of happiness and love that was, statistically-speaking, a long-shot.

My eldest daughter with her 2 adult adoptions. Candi (sitting) and George (who was 'Senior of the Week' at the pound!)

Plus, you get so much in return.Most mature dogs seem to know when they've been given a second chance, and the love and devotion they lavish on you is almost embarrassing!

So, why do most potential new dog owners head for the puppy pens first?

For lots of reasons really, but here are some possibilities.....

Perhaps they're worried that an adult dog will have bad habits, or are afraid that he won't love them enough.

Maybe they think that it will be hard work training an older dog, or that he/she will have health problems or other too much 'baggage'.

Then of course there's the 'cuteness' factor.

A puppy is just about the cutest thing on four legs, and while most adolescent, adult, or older dogs are wonderful and beautiful in their own right, quite often they're not 'cute'.

Some of these worries or concerns might actually be a reality, others are unlikely or even untrue.

I've owned dogs my whole life, and there's no-one more vulnerable to a puppy's charms, but I can honestly say that in my experience, adopting an older dog warms your heart the way nothing else can.

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