Laurie Harmon, Board Officer


Greetings! My name is Laurie Harmon and I am a MustLuvBoxers Rescue Board Officer. I was the Treasurer for several years but found that I wasn’t able to commit as much time to the position as I’d like, so now I give my support to the rescue in other ways as a board member. I moved from the Seattle area to Arizona with my wonderful daughter and my silver faced boxer girl, Seven. We all love the sunshine and warm weather - especially Seven who was always seeking out the sunniest spot in the yard in WA!


My love for the boxer breed started 20 years ago with my first boxer, Sugar. She was a beautiful fawn girl that captured my heart from the first moment I met her. I lost her to cancer in 2009 and knew I had to find another wiggle monster to fill the hole that was left. I joined the MustLuvBoxers online forum to seek answers and advice about getting a female puppy while having another female dog in the house, my black lab Star. Star just appeared in our yard one day in 2007. Scared, timid, allergic to everything but we had to take her in. Sugar enjoyed her at first but as an only child for 8 years that joy turned to jealousy and a few fights. The community on the forum was a huge support and after a lot of thought I went forward with finding a female boxer puppy. I knew in my heart that Star (the lab) was never the issue, Sugar was an instigator and a dominant dog.  


In July 2009, I brought home a crooked nose, crooked ear, snorting brindle boxer baby and named her Seven. Why Seven you ask? Well, I think there were seven reasons, let’s see if I can remember: “S” name, 7th month, 7th family member on property, she was 7 lbs, Star Trek character “7 of 9” (there were also 9 in her litter), I was drinking a Seagram’s 7 & 7, and Seven is just a darn cool name!


Star and Seven never had any issues, they loved each other from the start. I remained on the forum, sharing pictures and conversation with the friends I had made there.

It was through the online forum that I got to know Holly Adams and in late 2013 she asked me if I would be the Treasurer for the new rescue she was starting. I was honored and gladly accepted knowing that this was something I could do to help because with a baby on the way and 2 dogs in the house it was unlikely that I would be able to foster or adopt anytime soon. I quickly realized that even in a behind the scenes position – rescue is not for the faint of heart. There are happy tears, sad tears, frustrated and angry tears but bottom line - we are all in this to save lives and I am so proud to be part of such a great organization with so many caring people.

Thank you for supporting MustLuvBoxers Rescue – we could not do it without you!