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September 29, 2016

To a dog, jumping up to greet a human is a way of showing their affection and love. Dogs in a pack in the wild greet each other by licking the mouths and faces of other pack members, so in jumping up, your dog is trying to say "Hi, welcome back!" to...

September 24, 2016

Your Boxer is totally reliant on you for this food. This is a big responsibility for you as a Boxer parent. Your Boxer can not go out and purchase food for himself, or hunt for himself, so it is totally up to you to provide good nutritious food for h...

September 21, 2016

The next few weeks with your puppy will shape how he matures and how his personality develops. A good breeder will have spent a lot of time to ensure that the puppy you have taken home is well balanced and well adjusted - the rest is now up to you. B...

September 18, 2016

Before you start actually using your crate, your puppy will need to learn that it is a good place to be. Many breeders begin the crate training before the puppies leave, if this is the case with your puppy, still follow the steps below, but expect to...

September 16, 2016

Will someone be home with puppy for a while when she first comes to live with you? It is a good idea to arrange to have holidays when your new pup first arrives, or to arrange for someone trustworthy to be home. Your puppy will need to get used to th...

September 13, 2016

Is the boxer the right dog for you?

The Boxer is not the right sort of dog for everyone, so continue reading if you would like to know if you and a Boxer would be suited to each other.
The Boxer is not a small dog, and is very energetic and playful. T...

September 10, 2016

Boxer puppies use their mouths to explore their environment, and biting is a natural part of puppy play with littermates.

They must be taught how to chew appropriately and that biting is never allowed, and prevention is crucial to this training.

To pre...

September 6, 2016

The easiest and most effective way to housebreak your Boxer is through crate training.

If you keep things simple, act consistently, and work with your Boxer's natural tendencies, your efforts will quickly pay off.

Young Boxers don't understand most of...

September 1, 2016

Getting professional help with training your Boxer is a great idea.

Not only do professionals have knowledge and expertise novices lack, but training classes can be an excellent way to socialize Boxers in a fun, safe atmosphere. A good professional tr...

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