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August 27, 2016

Boxers are extremely playful, strong willed, independent thinkers, and unchecked dominance allowed during inappropriate play can make control and socialization difficult.

Playtime should be a fun opportunity to train your Boxer appropriate behavior, a...

August 10, 2016

Parents put in a lot of footwork to make sure their kids are ready for back to school, but have you thought about how back to school time will affect your dog?

We owe it to our dogs' to help ease that transition from "constant entertainment" to "hom...

August 8, 2016

Be aware of this breed's distinct personality traits.

It is essential to make yourself aware of the type of dog that you are going to handle, as well as the right time to start training your puppy. Ideally, Boxer training is not initiated until the Bo...

As dog owners, many of us struggle with how to help cultivate self control in our pups. It's natural for dogs to want to be first to investigate, bolt out doorways to get outside, pull ahead down the street to greet another dog or person etc. One ver...

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Prep your dog for back to school

August 10, 2016

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May 25, 2017

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