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June 18, 2016

How much water a Boxer dog needs will be based on the weight of your dog. We are going to look at what is generally needed and then show the 10% increase that is expected due to the factors listed above.

  • 10 lbs. (4.53 kg) = 1.62 cups (.38 liters)...

June 17, 2016

Okay, so you've provided water, a cool place, shade and fortified your dog's diet against heat stress, exhaustion or heat stroke and still your Boxer is in distress. What to do?

First, call your vet and tell them what is happening. Follow whatever dir...

June 16, 2016

  • Rapid panting with tongue hanging out and a tight took around the eyes

  • Sides are heaving

  • Abnormal digging (trying to get to cool ground to cool their body off)

  • When drinking water they shove their head in up to the eyes and toss wa...

June 14, 2016

Boxers don't sweat to stay cool in hot weather, they pant! And because snub-nosed dogs like the Boxer have more flesh in their mouths and throats they don't pant as efficiently and overheat more quickly than other breeds. Here are some tips to help k...

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