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Holly Adams, President and Founder


Hi, I’m Holly Adams and I am the founder and President of MustLuvBoxers Rescue. My love for boxers started after a bad divorce when I started researching breeds that weren’t high maintenance and knew I needed a change in my life to heal. Kind of funny though, I used to think people were crazy having dogs in their home, with the smell, hair, etc.

You see I’m a little OCD and couldn't imagine having a dog in my life until I met Sadie lady in 2004. I asked myself ‘are you really ready for this big of change’? Can a dog really change your life? I wasn't sure I would go through with adopting her, but when we met it was love at first sight. She jumped out of the barn, walked straight over to me, and laid on my shoe. I didn't move a muscle; my heart sunk, and that’s all it took. Little did I know, she would change my life forever. I didn't realize how stubborn boxers were or how much she would challenge me, but it’s what my heart needed, and she knew it! Believe me, it took patience, time, and love, and us going through training together to get her Canine Good Citizen certification, but we did ti!

Two years later, in 2006, Star was added to the family. Her personality was so different; all she wanted was to be loved and to please me. The girl was a complete angel, never got in trouble, nor destroyed a single thing; she was my heart dog. I have loved them all, but she was the special dog you meet once in a lifetime. After Star joined the family, I knew it was meant for me to help this beautiful breed; it was like a light bulb went off in my head. I knew there was a purpose and the reason I was here.

A couple years later in 2008, Tanner helped make my beloved trio. He was a gentle giant, with a soul bigger than life, even though he destroyed four couches! Thank God for CL...long story…! Piper joined our family in May 2011 and showed the pack what a true energetic boxer was made of. Boy did she have energy, and still does, for being 9-year-old, phew!!


I started the MustLuvBoxers forum in March 2007. It was dedicated to sharing information of our chosen breed, the Boxer, to discuss our love of them, promote and support rescue efforts, pass along valuable information that as a group we have accumulated over the years in training, health, feeding and experience...any and all aspects of being a loving and responsible owner. 


I started putting thoughts together for MustLuvBoxers Rescue in the beginning of 2013 but losing my girls, Star and Sadie, within months of each other, I wasn’t able to get the rescue up and running until the end of that year. I realized I needed to help save more of this amazing breed. It’s a slow process building a rescue, but I have wonderful people working with me, all with the same love for boxers, so I know we’ll do great things over the years to come. 


I added one more boxer to my family in July 2015; a sweet fawn boy named Stevie. He keeps life very interesting with his typical boxer energy and antics, and I get great joy watching him romp around with his fur-sister Piper. I’m sure there will be more boxers in my life in future years, but for now, I have these two, and between them and keeping the rescue running, my days and my heart are full.

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