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Fundraising Coordinator

We are seeking a new Fundraising Coordinator to hit the ground running on January 1, 2021. The position is currently filled through 12/31/20, but we would like someone to come on board prior to the end of the year, in order to shadow the Coordinator and get to know the various volunteers and MLBR board members.


The ideal candidate for this position would be one who has some experience in managing fundraisers; is energetic and passionate about the work we do; is creative in coming up with new innovative ways to fundraise; is comfortable expressing those ideas to a Board of Directors; is a self-starter with little need for supervision, and is a strong leader and team player.


The following are MLBR’s four established major annual fundraisers, to which the Coordinator will continue to organize, coordinate, and publicize in 2020:


1. Bidding for Boxers Dinner and Auction, typically held in the spring, and this year we held two online auctions instead of a live event – fundraising goal $20k


2. Boxers & Brews, held in the summer at a local brewery, includes raffle, beer sales, and swag sales – fundraising goal $5k

3. Wine Tasting for the Wigglebutts, held in the fall, includes ticket sales, label design, wine naming contest, raffle, wine sales, and swag sales – fundraising goal $3k

4. Wreath Sale, held in October/November – fundraising goal $1.5k

In addition to these four major fundraisers, the Coordinator will provide support in the production of the yearly MLBR Wall Calendar in whatever capacity is needed. This task runs typically from July through December, with a fundraising goal of $5k.

The Coordinator will provide support to the rescue’s annual Garage Sale, which typically occurs during the summer, with a fundraising goal of $2.5k.

The Fundraising Coordinator will also provide support to volunteers who organize other fundraising events throughout the year. (i.e., holiday pet photos, online catalog or product sales).

If time allows, the Coordinator will also volunteer at fundraising events beyond the four major ones. If for some reason any of the major fundraisers are discontinued, it will be the responsibility of the Coordinator to come up with another fundraiser to replace it; this includes doing all research, getting buy-in from the BOD, securing volunteers, etc.

If you would like to be a part of this awesome Boxer rescue, and feel you are a fit for the Fundraising Coordinator position, we’d love to hear from you. Please submit a letter of interest explaining your experience in fundraising to We will also need you to submit a volunteer application, which you can do by clicking here:

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