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Elizabeth Bearden, Treasurer


Hi, I’m Elizabeth Bearden and I am the treasurer for MustLuvBoxers Rescue. I got my first Boxer in 2002 when I was looking for a companion for Copper. He picked me when he broke from the puppy huddle and decided that my jeans were the perfect chew toy. Because he was always checking everything out (no fear in this boy). I named him Sherlock. He and Copper were inseparable from day one. Sadly, I lost Sherlock at the age of 3 to a fungal infection. However, I was hooked on the Boxer personality. So, the search began for my second Boxer. And to keep Sherlock close to my heart, my new boy was named Watson. 


Copper and Watson are gone now but my love of dogs hasn't diminished. I adopted a senior Boxer, Ozzie, and he was my companion for almost 2 years when he joined the rest of the pack at the Bridge. I currently have a shepherd mix named Blossom. Though not a Boxer, she can zoomie around the yard and dig a hole to China to rival Sherlock, Watson, and Ozzie!


Holly Adams and I became friends on Boxers forums, 2 trips to Vegas, and multiple phone sessions. I now count Holly as one of my best friends. When she was in the process of finally realizing her dream of starting a Boxer rescue, I was honored when she asked me to become a Board member. Living in Texas makes it hard to give any hands-on help, but I am so proud of the group that Holly has formed.

All you in Washington are doing a bang-up job. I can’t wait to see what we all accomplish in the many years to come.

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