Brenda Dawson, Fundraising Coordinator, Board Officer

My name is Brenda Dawson and I am proud to be a MLBR Board member and the Fundraising Coordinator.

I live in east Kent on an acre with my husband, our boxer Bogie, 8 pigeons and 8 chickens.  

Kaizer was my first Boxer. He lived just shy of 10 years and was my constant companion during my mid-twenties to early thirties. I rarely went anywhere without him and losing him to heart failure was the single most painful time of my life, and my heart still aches for him all these years later.

I’m not really sure what brought me to rescue but after Kaizer’s death in 2005 I didn’t think I had anything left in my heart to give. One day I looked online for adoptable Boxers and saw Bella’s face. I knew I wanted her and contacted that local rescue. Luckily, all the stars were in alignment and I had her in my arms within a few weeks.

Bella has been our only female and what a girl she was. Unfortunately, she suffered some horrible abuse prior to our adoption and she never, ever really got over it. However, we loved her with everything we had and let her call the shots on cuddling, petting, etc. She was so very smart and aimed to please. What a difference from the boys we’ve had.

I’ve never even considered getting another dog from a breeder, and when we considered adding a second dog to our home Duke showed up on Facebook. A senior stray, age and background unknown, picked up in Tacoma. Best decision we ever made. He fit right into our family and didn’t exhibit any signs of abuse. Not knowing his age or background, we didn’t know if we’d have him for 1 year or many. He lived an additional 4 years with us and was put down due to “old age”. We never regretted bringing him into our home, and would rather have had a few great years than none at all. 

Ten years ago, we started hosting a dinner auction for Boxers, to raise money to donate to rescues. In 2016, I discovered MustLuvBoxers Rescue and felt their philosophy and practices were in sync with my beliefs and invited them to our event and share the proceeds. A year later, I was asked to join the board of directors and have been working as the fundraising coordinator ever since..

We lost our female Bella April 1, 2015, after a fierce battle with hemangiosarcoma. Four days later, we answered a call to foster a white, deaf boxer boy, who was being sold on Craigslist repeatedly. We were sort of in love with seniors and hadn’t really considered adopting a puppy. However, we felt a strong obligation to give this little boy a safe home and loving family. And so, the challenge had begun.

It has been 5 years since Bogie came into our lives and he has definitely filled a hole we didn’t even realize we had. He keeps us all on our toes and we laugh a lot. He’s loving and cuddly and silly and a pain. However, we know he is exactly where he should be, and we are doing exactly what we should be doing. Helping Boxers find safe and loving homes.

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