Boxer Adoption Stories 2020

New Beginnings for Boxers at MustLuvBoxers Rescue



Brian and his wife Karen recently lost their rescued mix fur-baby and now they decided they were ready to adopt again. They quickly found a new furry family member in one of our Christmas puppies – Holly. They have come to enjoy and love boxers through family and friends and see them as a joyful breed. Mix-breeds are their favorite though and they found that with this little nugget!

Holly is living up to the boxer’s energetic and loving personality with her new family. She is going to be one lucky pup who will get to do pretty much everything Brian and Karen do, such as hiking, walking, swimming, taking road trips, and watching movies while snuggling.

Brian and Karen, MustLuvBoxers Rescue thanks you so much for welcoming Holly into your loving family. Please keep us updated on all the fun adventures you have together.

Pops (now Packer)


Pops was being fostered in California by Marion and her husband Steve. They had recently lost Steve’s service dog, so Marion decided to foster instead, because they just weren’t ready to welcome a new permanent furry member into their family. Soon though, a handsome senior Boxer named Pops entered their household as a foster. He was slated to head north to Washington, but he tugged at Marion and Steve’s hearts. While they know their time with him may be short due to a significant heart murmur, he was somebody’s somebody in his life before MLBR, and they felt he deserved that again. He is now named Packer and he’s one lucky boy who gets to live out his golden years in sunny California. Packer’s new job will be to assist Steve in order to navigate the world more smoothly; and so far, the training is going very well.

Marion and Steve, MustLuvBoxers Rescue is so happy that you opened your hearts and home to a senior pup. We know Packer is happy and well-loved, which is what he deserves. Please keep us updated on the good times you three have together.

Peggy Sue


Lisa and her husband Bryan are no strangers to rescuing boxers and boxer-mixes. Years ago, they had a boxer named Boris who was great with their kids. Now they just have Duke, a 10-year-old Boston/Boxer mix that is missing his 2 Boston fur-siblings, Wally and Jo, who both recently passed. Duke also lost his boxer-mix friend Chica last year. It’s been a tough year for Duke, but then Lisa and Bryan found Peggy Sue online and believed she’d be the perfect companion for Duke.

Peggy Sue and Duke get to be together all the time - in the house or outside on their small farm. Peggy Sue is learning to enjoy and love chickens and pigs too! Sounds like she hit the jackpot for sure!

Lisa and Bryan, MustLuvBoxers Rescue expresses its warmest thanks for welcoming Peggy Sue into your boxer-loving family. Please keep us updated on the fun and adventures the four of you have together.



Carolina and Troy, and their two kids, Sebastian and Isabella, have been fostering for MLBR for a little while now, but didn’t have a furry family member of their own. As a matter of fact, they were Rocky’s original foster family when he was adopted earlier in 2020. That adoption didn’t work out and Rocky came back to the rescue, but he went to a different foster family. As soon as Rocky became available for adoption, Carolina jumped on the chance to bring him home and submitted an application. And home he went to!!

Rocky has the perfect energy level for their family and he’s great with the kids; and even has a fantastic howl. Rocky is part of the family now and goes wherever they all go, which includes hiking, taking walks, and future camping trips and other traveling. This was a match that was clearly meant to be!!

Carolina, Troy, Sebastian, and Isabella, MustLuvBoxers Rescue thanks you so much for bringing Rocky into your loving family. Please keep us updated on all the fun adventures you have together.

Bonnie (now Twyla Rose)


Debbie and Thom recently lost their 2nd boxer, Winnie Valentine. They are a one-dog, one-breed family and have always had a female boxer as a member of the family. The same week that Winnie passed, Thom started a medical treatment and since he works from home now, they felt he could really use a new canine companion. Bonnie was soon introduced to them and it was an instant connection. She now goes by the name Twyla Rose and is loving her new family.

Best part, besides getting to go hiking, boating, and camping in the future, her humans are almost always at home, so there will be no lack of attention for this girl. A win-win for everyone!

MustLuvBoxers Rescue thanks Debbie and Thom for welcoming Twyla Rose into their loving family. We know she’ll fill the role of boxer companion perfectly! We hope to get frequent updates on all the fun they have together.