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Rozzy (now Razzy)

Rozzy (now Razzy)

Well look who hit the jackpot and found her very own forever home and family. It’s Rozzy! This little girl now goes by the name Razzy and she’s sure living the life with Alexandra and Danny.

Alex shared this with us about their new family member… “Razzy is doing well. She jeep rides and ferry voyages! Her walks are a sniffing adventure with her love for grass and freshly dug dirt. Razzy is doing good with our consistent trainings and our nights are filled with cuddles. We have made so many memories so far and can't wait for a new year with many more made. Danny and I are so full of love for our forever furry family member.❤️ Thank you to everyone at MLBR for all that you have done for Razzy. We are so lucky to be able to have found her. Happy Holidays!!! ~Dann, Alex, and Razzy”

Congratulations to Razzy for finding such a great family and thank you Alex and Dann for opening your hearts and home to a pup in need. We look forward to getting more fun updates about this trio over the years to come.

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