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Who doesn’t love a good adoption story? Well, we have one to share about sweet young Ripley. This little girl has found her happily ever after with Christina and Chris. Here’s how the story unfolded, as told by Christina…

“I joined MustLuvBoxers Rescue in June 2020 as a volunteer. My husband and I wanted to adopt but at that time, with Covid, adoptions weren't happening. After some time, we decided we wanted to try fostering. Our first foster pup was Simon. It went very well, and we transitioned our first foster to his new home in September! Our 2½-year-old Boxer, Grizwold, was so lonely after Simon left, but we decided to take a little break from fostering. However, that didn't last long. After 3 weeks, I saw the posting of a beautiful female, sealed brindle Boxer with Colitis who was dropped off at a local shelter by her owner to be euthanized. I showed my husband and we both agreed we needed to go pick that baby up immediately! Why on earth would anyone do that?!!?

Ripley was so shutdown and clearly in shock. After a change in environment, diet, medication, and lots of love, Ripley's health and demeanor improved. Grizwold and Ripley have gotten along great since day one. Though Ripley's energy level isn't anything like Grizwold's, she comes out of her kennel to play in short spurts. We had no intention of adopting Ripley when we first saw her but that changed very quickly for us. She has now become one of our beloved family members and we can't imagine our days without her.”

Congratulations to Christina, Chris, Grizwold, and Ripley. This sounds like a match that was meant to be. A “foster-fail” at it’s finest! We hope to get many updates on how Ripley is doing with her new fur-brother and hope that her health only continues to improve.

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