Boxer Adoption Stories 2021

New Beginnings for Boxers at MustLuvBoxers Rescue

Kane (now Ranger)


Dakota is a 5-year-old Blue Heeler who’s been telling her humans, Jacob and Esther, that she’d love a furry brother. Even though she adores their kids Truxton and Alina; there’s nothing better than more dogs! They did some searching and found MLBR's Blue Heeler mix pups and there was Kane looking for a family to call his own. Once they all met – they knew it was meant to be. Kane just didn’t fit for his name though, so he now goes by the name Ranger.

Dakota is teaching Ranger all about dog life and the family is teaching Ranger about family life. The 6 are having a great time hanging out together, playing in the yard, and taking walks to the park.

Jacob, Esther, Truxton, Alina, and especially Dakota, MustLuvBoxers Rescue is so appreciative of you all for welcoming Ranger into your loving family. We know you will have many fun adventures over the years; please keep us updated!!

Sally Jo


Heriberto and Trish work from home and are missing the love and companionship of a furry family member having lost their English Bulldog. After some time, they were ready rescue a pup and fell in love with Sally Jo, who is actually a Boxer/Bulldog mix. Adopting a Boxer was something they had wanted to do for a long time, and now they found the best of two awesome breeds in Sally Jo!

The three of them are doing everything together and we’re sure Sally Jo is a big help with both their jobs. When she’s not “working”, Sally Jo is enjoying play time in the yard or daily walks in her new neighborhood.

Heriberto and Trish, MustLuvBoxers Rescue is so happy Sally Jo is now part of your life. Please keep us updated on all the adventures you enjoy together.



Kathryn and her husband, Joachim, have a goldfish, but their 2 teenage kids wanted to go big for their next family member. So, along with Amelia and Maximilian, they found Duchess on our PetFinder page and fell in love. They grew to love the Boxer breed after enjoying a neighbor’s boxer and enjoyed their friendly and playful nature.

Duchess is now a member of a very active family, but what else would you expect with 2 teens around?! Now they are all enjoying daily hikes/walks, and playtime in the backyard – pretty much anything that is considered exercise!

Kathryn, Joachim, Amelia, and Maximilian, MustLuvBoxers Rescue expresses much gratitude for welcoming Duchess into your loving family. We know she will have a wonderful life with all of you and we sure hope to get updates about the fun and adventures you have together.

Kacey (now Tilly)


Amanda and Andy have 3 young kids, Dean, Nora, and Amelia, and have a feline named Ophelia. However, Amanda grew up with a Blue Heeler and they have a special place in her heart, so when she saw Kacey, they knew she’d be ideal for their young family. They all agreed to rename her Tilly.

Tilly is one lucky puppy who gets a house full of energetic kids! And, who knows, she might even be able to help Amanda round them up and keep things in order. 😉 Sounds like a fun family for sure!

Amanda, Andy, Dean, Nora, and Amelia, MustLuvBoxers Rescue is so happy and appreciative of you all for welcoming Tilly into your loving home. Please keep us updated with pictures and stories of all the adventures and experiences you have together.

Garth (now Joey)


Alison and Taylor have 2 cats - Walter and Lucy - and now were ready to venture into life with a puppy and they really loved our Heeler-mix puppies. Of the puppies, they selected Garth. He is now known as Joey and is getting used to 2 acres of land to explore and play on. In addition to the 2 cats, he’s also learning that the 9 ducks that live there are friends and family. Taylor works from home, so Joey will always have a human family member around. Of course, the 3 of them will be out and around town a bunch, as Alison and Taylor love to be outside and enjoy going on adventures.

Joey, MustLuvBoxers Rescue knows you are going to have a great life with your new family. Alison and Taylor, MLBR is so thankful you’ve welcomed Joey into your family. We can’t wait to hear about all of the adventures you take together.

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