Boxer Adoption Stories 2021

New Beginnings for Boxers at MustLuvBoxers Rescue

Coco (now Stella)


Deborah recently moved to a new place and found herself needing some quality companionship of the furry kind. She also recently lost her pet of 18 years, adding to her need for a canine family member. A quick search and she spied Coco’s PetFinder profile and just knew she would be the perfect match. This cutie pie now goes by the name Stella and she is Deborah’s constant sidekick.

Stella is learning all about the many parks and trails around her new home and is going to be enjoying daily walks with her new mom. Deborah knows that Boxers are lovable, playful, and loyal dogs who need a companion, and she is more than prepared to offer that to Stella.

Stella, MustLuvBoxers Rescue is thrilled that you were welcomed into Deborah’s heart and home. We sure hope to get regular updates on all the great adventures you two have together.



James and Marcia are retired with grown kids. Years ago, they researched the best dogs with kids and welcomed their first boxer. That first boxer was everything they had read and more and became the breed for them! James needed a new walking partner, and when they heard about MLBR from a friend, they found Allie. James walks and jogs many miles every day and now he has the perfect partner in Allie. She will also get to enjoy some playtime and zoomies in the backyard.

James and Marcia, MustLuvBoxers Rescue is so thankful you welcomed Allie into your family. Allie, we look forward to hearing all about your walking adventures and other fun you have with your new family.

Simba (now Maverick)


Dorinda grew up with dogs and until recently was renting and couldn’t add a furry friend to her family. The first thing on her to-do list after buying her first home was to adopt a wigglebutt! When the Disney puppies became available, Dorinda's dream could be realized, and she soon met and fell in love with Simba.

Simba is now called Maverick and he’s learning how to be Dorinda’s companion and how to be a well-behaved puppy – what else could be more fun to do during the summer?!? Maverick is doing great learning the ropes and Dorinda is enjoying having a canine companion again.

Dorinda, MustLuvBoxers Rescue is so happy you found your true love in Maverick and that you were able to bring a dog back into your life. We sure hope to get a lot of updates on the great adventures you and Maverick have together.



Richard and Ashley have a 15-year-old Chihuahua, Kylie, and two young boys, RJ and Jaxson; but they felt there was something missing in their family. They searched and found the Disney puppies and fell in love with Elsa.

Elsa is now learning to enjoy family life with 2 young, energy-filled boys and an older fur-sibling. She has a big yard to play in and a great neighborhood to explore when taking daily walks.

Richard, Ashley, RJ, Jaxson, and especially Kylie, MustLuvBoxers Rescue is so thankful you found Elsa and adopted her into your young family. Elsa we can’t wait to hear about all the great adventures you have with your new family.

Snow (now Dora)


We are excited to share a wonderful adoption story with you today. While they are all wonderful, this one has its own unique sweetness. New mom, Jo, tells the story of how Snow's adoption came to be…
“My husband DJ and I signed up to be fosters because in the last year we have had our youngest child move out on their own, suddenly lost our 6-year-old boxer, and I have been on a medical leave of absence. To be honest, mostly myself and our 3-year-old boxer Nugget were sad and lonely and wanted to help out BUT not get too attached, lol.

Then Dora (the explorer), formerly Snow ❄️, came into our lives! 🥰 She is a little freight train of love and although we were originally an emergency "temporary" foster, it soon became obvious to all of us that she was home. We absolutely fell head over heels for this little dynamo! She does not let her impairments (deaf and partial blindness) slow her down. In fact, in spite of what her previous life has thrown at her, she is the happiest, most loving little girl. She’s also super smart and together we are all learning sign language! Dora is always thrilled to go do whatever you are doing...rides in the car, meeting new people, going to the beach, walking around the block, or just snuggling on the sofa.

Nugget and Dora (the explorer) bonded fast and are inseparable. They spend the whole day together, playing, sleeping, supervising the sidewalk, getting into trouble 🤣, keeping their humans on their toes, and showering us with love. Thank you MLBR for introducing Dora to us and completing our family!” 💜

We couldn’t be happier for Jo, DJ, and Nugget, and especially Dora, for finding each other. It was clearly a match that was meant to be. Thank you so much for fostering then adopting, and for being a part of the MLBR family. We look forward to getting many updates about the fun times you all have together!