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Dustin and Cliff were looking for a new furry member for the family after the passing of their boxer-mix, Woody, on July 4th. They wanted to rescue again and after some time found Clancy. He is already loving his new family which also includes Dustin’s mom Susan and her whippet-mix, Winslow. So, when the humans aren’t around…the wiggle-butts will be having some fun!

This active family of 5 is having fun enjoying long walks, hunting for mushrooms, and taking strolls on the beach. There will probably be some couch-cuddling time too.

Dustin and Cliff, and of course, Susan and Winslow, MustLuvBoxers Rescue extends its warmest thanks for adopting Clancy. Please keep us updated on all the adventures you have together over the coming years.

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