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Rolo (now Bean)

Megan and David adopted a boxer, Louie, in 2012, and grew to love the breed. They have 2 young boys, Charlie and Bennett, who also grew to love their pup. Unfortunately, Louie recently passed and has left a big hole in the family’s life. Their oldest son, Charlie, bonded with Louie the most and the two were inseparable. Megan learned about MLBR through one of our volunteers then soon found Rolo and felt he was the one who could help fill the void from their loss.

Now Charlie has a new best furry friend who will lovingly be called Bean. Megan said they chose Bean because she and Charlie used to call Louie that from time to time, so Charlie asked to name Rolo that in tribute to him. So, Bean it is!

Bean is enjoying his new family and to make it even better, David works from home, so Bean will get so much attention. He’ll also have a great time with his 2 human boys, spending as much time as possible outside going hiking, walking, camping, and biking.

Bean, MustLuvBoxers Rescue knows you’re going to have a great life with David, Megan, Charlie, and Bennett - your new family! We sure hope to get updates on the adventures you all have together in the coming years.

Rolo (now Bean)
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