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Carolina and Troy, and their two kids, Sebastian and Isabella, have been fostering for MLBR for a little while now, but didn’t have a furry family member of their own. As a matter of fact, they were Rocky’s original foster family when he was adopted earlier in 2020. That adoption didn’t work out and Rocky came back to the rescue, but he went to a different foster family. As soon as Rocky became available for adoption, Carolina jumped on the chance to bring him home and submitted an application. And home he went to!!

Rocky has the perfect energy level for their family and he’s great with the kids; and even has a fantastic howl. Rocky is part of the family now and goes wherever they all go, which includes hiking, taking walks, and future camping trips and other traveling. This was a match that was clearly meant to be!!

Carolina, Troy, Sebastian, and Isabella, MustLuvBoxers Rescue thanks you so much for bringing Rocky into your loving family. Please keep us updated on all the fun adventures you have together.

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