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Pops (now Packer)

Pops was being fostered in California by Marion and her husband Steve. They had recently lost Steve’s service dog, so Marion decided to foster instead, because they just weren’t ready to welcome a new permanent furry member into their family. Soon though, a handsome senior Boxer named Pops entered their household as a foster. He was slated to head north to Washington, but he tugged at Marion and Steve’s hearts. While they know their time with him may be short due to a significant heart murmur, he was somebody’s somebody in his life before MLBR, and they felt he deserved that again. He is now named Packer and he’s one lucky boy who gets to live out his golden years in sunny California. Packer’s new job will be to assist Steve in order to navigate the world more smoothly; and so far, the training is going very well.

Marion and Steve, MustLuvBoxers Rescue is so happy that you opened your hearts and home to a senior pup. We know Packer is happy and well-loved, which is what he deserves. Please keep us updated on the good times you three have together.

Pops (now Packer)
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