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Peggy Sue

Lisa and her husband Bryan are no strangers to rescuing boxers and boxer-mixes. Years ago, they had a boxer named Boris who was great with their kids. Now they just have Duke, a 10-year-old Boston/Boxer mix that is missing his 2 Boston fur-siblings, Wally and Jo, who both recently passed. Duke also lost his boxer-mix friend Chica last year. It’s been a tough year for Duke, but then Lisa and Bryan found Peggy Sue online and believed she’d be the perfect companion for Duke.

Peggy Sue and Duke get to be together all the time - in the house or outside on their small farm. Peggy Sue is learning to enjoy and love chickens and pigs too! Sounds like she hit the jackpot for sure!

Lisa and Bryan, MustLuvBoxers Rescue expresses its warmest thanks for welcoming Peggy Sue into your boxer-loving family. Please keep us updated on the fun and adventures the four of you have together.

Peggy Sue
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