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Mona (now Della)

Sometimes dogs come into the rescue and never have to leave their foster home. This is one of those stories…sweet Mona, who now goes by the name Della, has gotten her ‘happily ever after’ with mom Laura, only a few short days after she arrived. Here’s what Laura shared with us:

“Foster failure Mona (now Della) week one update. She is in the process of learning English and I am learning Boxer again. She is very noise sensitive and skittish, however, there are some days better than others. She is mastering the walk as we go three times a day. Soon I will introduce her to running next to my bicycle. She has already learned her new name, how to sit, come, and has learned to stay out of the kitchen and dining room when I am preparing or eating a meal. She counter surfed once and tried to get into my coffee cup, but I redirected her, and she’s made no further attempts.

Della is a very respectful girl, quiet, does not snore, and takes treats very gently. She sleeps in her open-door crate all night long. Giving her a bath the first day was a dream, I just put her front feet into the shower and she went right in and stood on the bench which made it easy to bathe and rinse her. She does not mind the rain and gets excited when I towel her off after a walk. I am working on her self-confidence and riding in a vehicle. Have not heard her bark yet but she does cry when I come back into the house or vehicle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do for this wonderful breed.”

Congratulations to both Laura and Della; clearly a match that was meant to be. We look forward to many updates about the fun we know these two will be having together.

Mona (now Della)
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