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Calla Lily

Heidi, her husband Sergio, and their son Christoffer, have a 3-year-old boxer Ace; yet, they all felt something was missing. Since 2009, they’ve had 2 other boxers and they love the breed - “there is never a dull moment when you own a boxer” says Heidi. Truer words have never been stated.

Enter Calla Lily. She was exactly what they were looking for and Ace loves her as well. Calla Lily is now part of an active and loving family who enjoy hiking, camping, and going on fun adventures and trips, with dogs included!

Calla Lily, MustLuvBoxers Rescue knows you will have a great life with Heidi, Sergio, Christoffer, and especially Ace - your new family. We can’t wait to hear about the adventures you all have together over the coming years.

Calla Lily
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