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Bonnie (now Twyla Rose)

Debbie and Thom recently lost their 2nd boxer, Winnie Valentine. They are a one-dog, one-breed family and have always had a female boxer as a member of the family. The same week that Winnie passed, Thom started a medical treatment and since he works from home now, they felt he could really use a new canine companion. Bonnie was soon introduced to them and it was an instant connection. She now goes by the name Twyla Rose and is loving her new family.

Best part, besides getting to go hiking, boating, and camping in the future, her humans are almost always at home, so there will be no lack of attention for this girl. A win-win for everyone!

MustLuvBoxers Rescue thanks Debbie and Thom for welcoming Twyla Rose into their loving family. We know she’ll fill the role of boxer companion perfectly! We hope to get frequent updates on all the fun they have together.

Bonnie (now Twyla Rose)
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