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Caramel (now Juno)

December 10, 2019

Austin has had Boxers his whole life while growing up and loves their wiggly and goofy personalities. When he met his wife Breanna, who grew up with Labs, he had a Boxer named Bailey and Bre quickly realized how amazing Boxers are. Sadly, they lost Bailey in 2016, and now in 2019, decided it was time to bring another Boxer into their lives. They saw Caramel on our PetFinder site and knew she was the one!

Their new pup now goes by the name Juno and how great for her to be home in time for the holidays! Juno is going to have a great life with this active couple, while accompanying them on hikes, camping trips, walks, and road trips.

Congratulations to Austin and Breanna! Thank you both so much for welcoming Juno into your hearts and home. We look forward to seeing updates on all the fun things you do together in the coming years.

Shari (now Mira)

September 06, 2019

Sarah, her husband, and their kids wanted to add a dog to their family; one that would be good with kids and be a major part of their lives. For Sarah, adding a loving, playful, goofy dog to the mix would complete their family. Enter Shari!

This beauty now goes by the name Mira and she is having the time of her life. Having two human sisters is like a dream come true for Mira, as she loves kids! Mira is going to get to enjoy all the family activities in the coming years and we couldn’t be happier for her.

Congratulations to Sarah and family! MustLuvBoxers Rescue thanks you all for opening up your hearts and your home to Mira. We look forward to updates on the great life she’s having.


December 01, 2019

We are thrilled to announce that beautiful Stella has gotten her ‘happily ever after’!! She didn’t have to venture too far to find her forever family…because it turns out that her foster family was “the one”! We’ll let mom Nikki tell you all the story…

“After losing Sammy, our hospice pup, we didn't think we would be able to foster again because our hearts were so broken. I was still a part of the foster group though and would watch all of these pups coming in that needed help. About three weeks after losing Sammy I saw Stella pop up on my feed. I looked at her emaciated little body and sweet sad eyes, and something just came over me! She reminded me of Sammy!

Someone had already stepped up to foster her, but I spoke up anyway...just in case. Well, about a week later we decided as a family that there was a void that in fact needed to be filled. I messaged the rescue and asked if we could do a foster to adopt. I think it was the next day that I was contacted asking if we would be interested in fostering Stella because she needed to be in a home where someone was home all day. I didn't even hesitate! My eyes filled with tears and I instantly said yes! By that night, Stella was scooped out of her first foster home and began an all-night journey from Washington to Idaho. It was love at first sight!

Stella has been the perfect fit for our family. She has two teenage hooman siblings and three furry kitties. We love her so much and have been amazed with her progress so far. She is truly a blessing to our family, and we are sure Sweet Sammy had something to do with this love connection. Thank you, MustLuvBoxers, for helping this sweet girl find the love she so needed and deserves.”

Congratulations Nikki, Aaron, Alex, and Bella!! Thank you all so much for welcoming Stella into your hearts and home. We look forward to many updates on how great her life is now.


October 11, 2019

Look who found her forever home! It’s Layla! We couldn’t be happier about the family who made her one of their own, as they are already MLBR adopters! Layla has gained new siblings in MLBR alumni Ace and Gunner, and also now has a new senior fur-sister in Roxie. Here’s what mom Tanya tells us about how this adoption came to be…

“We started off by fostering Layla for three weeks, as she was already packing up and going to her new family in Oregon. The day she left, we were all sad, and of course I cried. We really hated to see her go.

Layla was gone for about a week when we heard that things weren’t going well. She had some issues with other dogs, although never displayed any when we fostered her. Perhaps she just wasn’t ready to leave us, or maybe there had just been too much change all at once. No matter what the reason, I hopped in my car and drove to Oregon to pick Layla up, to begin fostering her again.

We already had 3 boxers of our own, so were a little concerned about how she might now behave with them, but those concerns were quickly squashed when she ran up to my husband and jumped in his lap and gave kisses, then went to the other pups and snuggled right in with them. She loves her humans and her doggie siblings!! We think she knew who she wanted to live with from the very beginning. It’s been five months now, and things are great!! We love Layla very much and are so happy she became part of our pack.”

Congratulations to the whole family, Tanya and Troy, and their kids Andrew, Christopher, and Ashley!! Of course, thanks to Roxie, Gunner, and Ace, for welcoming Layla into the family with open paws. 😉 💕


November 24, 2019

Cheryl decided she wanted to adopt a second boxer to go along with her 3-year-old female boxer. Her main reasons for this are because she really wanted another one, she loves the way two boxers play together, and knows it could be wonderful for both of them. Enter Chase!

Chase has now become a Canadian citizen and is enjoying his new life in British Columbia along side his fur-sister Roxi. Chase is going to have a fun, active life with Cheryl and Roxi, going on camping trips, hiking, and making visits to the beach. He’s definitely one lucky boy!

Cheryl and Roxi, MustLuvBoxers Rescue thanks you both for welcoming Chase into your hearts and your home. We look forward to hearing about all the great times you have together in the years to come.

T-Bone (now Zeppelin)

September 20, 2019

Amanda and Adam wanted to add another pup to their family, and so did their 2 young daughters, McKinley and Ryer. Even the resident furry members of the family, Sledge, a bully-mix, and two kitties, Lana and Archer, were excited about the prospects. They all settled on T-Bone - the last of Jersey’s puppies. This cutie now goes by the name Zeppelin and is enjoying puppy life with the entire family - humans and furry members alike. He loves snuggling and playing with the kids and exploring his new surroundings and learning the ropes from Sledge, Lana, and Archer.

Amanda, Adam, McKinley, Ryer and especially, Sledge, Lana, and Archer, MustLuvBoxers Rescue thanks all of you for welcoming Zeppelin into your pack. Please keep us updated on Zeppelin and all the adventures you have together in the coming years.

Cupcake (now Honey)

November 14, 2019

Anthony and his girlfriend Haleigh have a 5-year-old boxer mix named Benny; the three agreed there was a need for a 4th member of their family. After an extensive search, they found Cupcake! Benny decided the new girl needed a new name, so they changed it to Honey.

Like Benny, Honey will be an active family member going pretty much everywhere they go…hiking, camping, to the beach, for a run; and even just some “chilling” at the house.

MustLuvBoxers Rescue thanks Anthony, Haleigh, and Benny for welcoming Honey into their pack. We sure hope to get lots of updates on Honey and her fun adventures.

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