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May 04, 2020

Sabrina and her husband Scott loved their boxer Sophie who recently passed, and together with their kids, Eleanor and Emmett, decided that it was time to bring another boxer into the family. They felt it was important to adopt a senior boxer and found Huey to be just perfect for their family.

Huey is going to enjoy family walks, ball-tossing in the backyard, camping, hiking, traveling, and since he’s a senior, he’ll likely get bed privileges with his new mom and dad! Safe to say Huey has hit the jackpot for sure!

MustLuvBoxers Rescue extends its warmest thanks to Sabrina, Scott, Eleanor, and Emmett for welcoming senior wigglebutt, Huey, as their new family member. We can’t wait to get updates on all the fun they have together.


April 29, 2020

Larry and his wife Dorie lost their beloved boxer over 2 years ago. They finally got to a point where they wanted to bring the breed they love so much back into their lives. Through a search, they found Mowgli and believed he’d be perfect for their small family. Often that family expands to include their son, Matt and his young daughter, who frequently visit them for extended periods of time. After a get together, all agreed Mowgli would be perfect. In addition to playing with the family, Mowgli will be enjoying a leisurely camping life with many motorhome trips in his future.

Larry and Dorie, MustLuvBoxers Rescue thanks you both, as well as your son and granddaughter, for welcoming Mowgli into your family. We sure hope you will keep us updated on all the adventures you have together.


April 28, 2020

Michael, Sara, and their daughters Hanna and Ania, have had furry family members before, but as of late, didn’t have one in their home. They all felt the time had come to adopt a pup into the family. They also have family with boxers, so it made sense that they checked out MLBR to find their new pup. Enter Saoirse, (pronounced SEER-sha) a mix of many breeds, but no Boxer in this girl. Once the family saw her on PetFinder, they knew they had to meet her.

Saoirse has joined a very active family who enjoy hiking, camping, running, walking, and other sports; all of which, she will get to be a part of. Safe to say Saoirse has hit the jackpot!

MustLuvBoxers Rescue sends its warmest thanks to Michael, Sara, Hanna, and Ania for welcoming Saoirse into their loving family. We sure hope to get updates on all the adventures they have together.


April 27, 2020

Mike, Lisa, and their family of 5 boys, who are all grown now, had a boxer as a member of their family 25 years ago; and since then they have rescued several mastiffs. Well, then along comes Julius…the perfect mix of both breeds!!

Julius fits into their lifestyle perfectly - relaxed and ready to chill in the house or in the yard. Of course, there will also be daily walks in the neighborhood and a camping/fishing trip on occasion.

Julius, enjoy your new forever family! MustLuvBoxers Rescue expresses big thanks to Mike, Lisa, and their son Casey, for welcoming Julius into their loving family. We look forward to many updates on this hunky boy.


April 25, 2020

Rocky and his sister were surrendered in June 2018 to a high kill shelter in California by their previous human just days before their 8th birthdays. Enter Hope…. hope that this was just a bad dream; hope that someone would come for them and take them home. Just when all hope seemed lost and mere hours before being euthanized by the shelter, a very committed foster home offered to care for them, MLBR agreed to rescue the pair, and with the help of BRLA to liberate them, the 2 embarked on the long journey from L.A. to Oregon.

Almost immediately after arriving in Oregon, Rocky came down with a severe case of kennel cough. Once he recovered, Rocky began to thrive. His foster family diligently worked with him and gave him the love and kindness he had clearly been deprived of in his previous life and the search began for a forever family.

Many experiences found their way into Rocky's life. He learned how to enjoy other dogs besides his sister, as his foster family has a large pack. He was evacuated with his foster siblings during the Taylor Creek fire not long after arriving in Oregon, but that did not faze him. He learned about toys, good food, and love. Rocky went on regular trips to the building supply stores and met many new people. He has even been on TV! Throughout all of this, he patiently waited for a family to show interest in him, but no one came. His loving foster mom assured him that there was a special family out there and she was determined to find it.

Good things come for those who wait. Nothing could be truer for our sweet boy. He needed a special family. After 22 months of patiently waiting, the stars aligned, and Rocky's perfect person applied to be his forever dad. The application process began, but amid the shelter in place orders, due to Covid-19, it was uncertain when a home check could be done. Another miracle was bestowed upon him, everything came together, and Rocky embarked on a trial with his potential new dad. The two of them were quite smitten with each other.

The long wait proved to be worth every minute. Our sweet boy, Rocky, is finally home! He will spend his days hanging out with his dad as he checks in on construction jobs, goes hiking, and occasionally playing with the parents' dog when they visit. He will even get to experience life on the water when the weather is nice. Rocky finally has his happily forever after and we could not be happier.

Congratulations Daniel and Rocky! Rocky could not have found a more perfect person to love and enjoy the rest of his days with. Thank you, Daniel, for opening your heart and home to a senior rescue. Our hearts are full today. ❤️💗❤️


April 14, 2020

Macie had been looking for a new place to become her forever home and, at the same time, Susie was looking for her 8th boxer across many decades. A suggestion by our own Foster Advisor, Lillian, led to a meet and greet, and now both get to call each other a companion.

Being retired means Susie and Macie have a lot of time to do everything together. Walks in and around town, playing in the yard, and relaxing on the couch.

Susie, MustLuvBoxers expresses much gratitude to you for welcoming Macie into your heart and home. Please keep us updated on all the good times the two of you have together.

Diesel2 (now Diesel)

April 10, 2020

Barbara and Rick are no strangers to boxers, having had 4 previously, one of which was a pure bred AKC, and 3 who were rescues. Recently they found themselves in need of rescuing another one for their family. They have cats, but it just wasn’t the same as also having a boxer. Having rescued from MLBR before, they knew just where to go, and they saw Diesel and soon realized he was the one!

Diesel is now living a great life with Barbara, Rick, and their 2 cats, BB and Layla. He is enjoying daily hikes in the forest and playtime in the yard.

Barbara and Rick, MustLuvBoxers Rescue thanks you both for welcoming Diesel into your loving family. Please keep us updated on all the fun adventures you have together.

Ramsey and Noely

April 08, 2020

Lisa and Russell have adopted 3 boxers over the past 9 years, Sasha, Leila, and Ronin (from MLBR). All have since passed, most recently being Ronin. They love the breed and really wanted to bring a boxer back into their family. So, they went in full, rescuing two boxers at the same time - Ramsey and Noely.

The two pups are together all the time and the four of them will enjoy many things together, such as camping, walking, going to the beach, hanging out, and even gardening, or just being outdoors when it’s warm. As Lisa shared with us, “We love boxers and their unique characteristics. They are fun and great dogs." We certainly couldn’t agree more!

Lisa and Russell, MustLuvBoxers Rescue sends you many thanks for welcoming not one, but two boxers, Ramsey and Noely, into your family. Please keep us updated on all the fun adventures the four of you have together.


March 29, 2020

Allison and Dan were looking to expand their small family and found this to be the perfect time to do that by adding a furry member to their family. They knew Odin would be the one and soon after meeting him, they made the adoption official.

Allison and Dan are quite active, so Odin is going to enjoy a lot of walks, jogs, weekend hikes, and road trips. He’s not even going to have to be at home alone much because Odin will get to go to work with Alison! Sounds like he really hit the jackpot!

MustLuvBoxers Rescue thanks you Alison and Dan for welcoming Odin into your loving family. Please keep us updated about all the adventures you have together.


March 26, 2020

Allyson is no stranger to boxers, as she and her parents have 3 as family members now - Koa, Bosco, and Arya - all rescues. Allyson also wanted a deaf boxer and she found that in Sullivan. He will be going off to school with Allyson as she continues her graduate studies in Social Work, which includes working with the deaf community. Sullivan is the perfect ambassador for the breed and for the family. Of course, the two of them will also enjoy a fun life together going on hikes, camping, and just doing fun things around town.

Sullivan, we hope you enjoy your new family and going to school. MustLuvBoxers Rescue expresses big thanks to Allyson and her family for rescuing boxers and for welcoming Sullivan into their loving family. We look forward to getting updates about all the great adventures they have together.

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