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March 01, 2020

Michael and Jamie had finally come to the realization that their family needed a furry member to join them. Their two young daughters couldn’t be more ecstatic! After some searching, they picked Ozzy - the last of the Preschool of Rock puppies. The four humans and one wigglebutt will keep busy with lots of walks, hikes, trips to the beach, and perhaps even a swim or two. Ozzy and the kids will also have lots of outside playtime in the yard!

Michael, Jamie, and family, MustLuvBoxers Rescue expresses our deepest thanks for welcoming Ozzy into your family. We can’t wait to hear about all the fun adventures you have together.

Sting (now Duke)

February 14, 2020

Grace and her husband Tarl, have a 10-year-old cat and a baby on the way, and the one other thing they really wanted to complete their family was a puppy. Enter the Preschool of Rock puppies, specifically Sting! He worked his magic on Grace and Tarl and they agreed he was perfect, except one thing needed to change…he now goes by the name Duke!

Grace and Tarl are working hard with Duke on training so that he’ll be an even more awesome boy when their baby arrives. Duke is one lucky pup, as both his new parents are real estate agents, so he gets to go to work with them when they are showing properties. How cool is that?! He’s also going to have lots of fun hiking, running, swimming, and camping with his new family.

Grace and Tarl, MustLuvBoxers Rescue thanks you for bringing Duke into your growing family. We can’t wait to hear about all the great adventures you will experience together.

Bono (now Bailey Boo)

February 14, 2020

Brad, Callie, and their children Cole and Adrial, wanted to rescue again. Their current boxer-bulldog mix, Ellee, is their 3rd rescue. Ellee is almost 10 years old and was adopted from MLBR soon after we started on this rescue journey, almost 6 years ago.

The Preschool of Rock puppies caught their eye immediately, and from the litter, they fell in love with Bono. He now goes by the name Bailey Boo and he’s loving getting to know his new fur-sister Ellee and the entire family. Bailey Boo is always on the go with daily and nightly walks, visits to the dog park, and going to soccer practice 3 or 4 nights a week with his human kids - that’s sure a lot of fun activity!

Brad, Callie, Cole, Adrial, and especially Ellee, MustLuvBoxers Rescue thanks you all for welcoming Bailey Boo into your family. We can’t wait to hear about all the great times you have together!

Bowie (now Tyson)

February 12, 2020

Slowly but surely, the Preschool of Rock puppies are heading home. The next one we want to share is Bowie!

Leigh and his wife Debra, and their two kids Morgan and Brynn, were looking for a young dog to bring into the family. They have a 3-year-old kitty, Charlie, but they decided it was time for a more active furry-friend, and Bowie was the one!

He now goes by the name Tyson and boy is he ever going to have a great time with this very active family who enjoy hiking, bike riding, walking to the creek, and walking to the beach. Leigh and Debra enjoy after dinner walks, and of course Tyson will get to tag along; and he’ll also get a lot of playtime in the backyard with his very own human kids. This pup will never be bored, that’s for sure!

Debra, Leigh, Morgan, and Brynn, MustLuvBoxers Rescue thanks you all for choosing Tyson to be your new family member. We can’t wait to get updates on the fun times we know you'll have together.

Janis Joplin (now Millie)

February 11, 2020

Michelle and her husband, Kofi, are no strangers to dogs nor are they strangers to rescuing boxers. Their current boxer-mix boy is Kuma, who they adopted from Wigglin’ Home Boxer Rescue. After recently losing Kuma's Boston Terrier buddy, Clancy, they soon realized the need to have a new furry member join the family. That’s where Janis Joplin, one of the Preschool of Rock puppies, comes in!

She now goes by the name Millie and has fit right into the pack. The 2 pups are inseparable, as Kuma is in love with Millie and even sleeps by her crate every night. Michelle and Kofi lead an active life and include their dogs in every activity; and of course, Kuma and Millie are always up for some fun. That fun could be long hikes or walks, runs, and in the warmer weather, camping.

Kofi, Michelle, and Kuma, MustLuvBoxers Rescue thanks you for welcoming Millie into your family. Please keep us updated on all the adventures you 4 have together.

Allie (now Ally Zeppelin)

February 11, 2020

Rebecca and her husband Brad lost their Beagle-mutt nearly 2 years ago. Now they and their 2 young kids, Otis and Lucy, have moved from California to Washington and really wanted to add a furry member to their family. Since their Beagle was a rescue, and also a mom with a litter of puppies, they immediately could relate to Allie’s story – being the mom of the Preschool of Rock puppies. Adopting another rescued mama was clearly meant to be.

Once they welcomed Allie into the family, they changed the spelling of her name and added a middle name – she now goes by Ally Zeppelin! Ally is getting used to being a valued member of the family and the kids are loving that they have a new pup. They are going to enjoy many activities together, such as taking walks, going to the dog park, playing in their big backyard, hiking, camping, and hanging together watching movies. Ally is one lucky girl and we couldn’t be happier for her. She deserves this so much!

Rebecca, Brad, Otis, and Lucy, MustLuvBoxers Rescue thanks you for bringing Ally Zeppelin into your family. We can’t wait to hear about all the adventures you have together.

Freddie Mercury

February 08, 2020

Peggy, her husband Craig, and son Aaron lost their boxer Sprocket last May to cancer. While they have 2 cats - Motorman and Shows - they really missed the boxer-member of their family. Enter the Preschool of Rock puppies and one special boy in particular named Freddie Mercury.

Peggy and Craig live on an acre of land, so there will be lots of fun times for Freddie to run around and enjoy the outdoors. There are also 2 grandkids that will be at the house several days a week, so this young pup is going to be having a great life and will be getting a lot of playtime and exercise on a weekly basis.

MustLuvBoxers Rescue thanks you Craig, Peggy, and Aaron for welcoming Freddie into your family. We can’t wait to hear about all the many adventures you have together.

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