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August 29, 2020

Deborah and Wayne raised 2 boxers, both from puppy through passing over the rainbow bridge. This time they decided they wanted to rescue/adopt a boxer in need. They found Apollo on MLBR’s PetFinder page and decided he was the one.

Deborah and Wayne have always loved the breed and one of their favorite things about them is when they get the “zoomies”. Both work from home and will continue to do so even after Covid, so Apollo gets to be the resident office assistant! When he’s not “working”, Apollo will be part of all family activities, which include daily walks, hikes, and extended family visits. He’s going to live a great life, that’s for sure!

Wayne and Deborah, MustLuvBoxers Rescue is forever grateful to you for welcoming Apollo into your loving family. Please share updates with us on all the adventures you have together.


August 23, 2020

Amie, Tony, and their two teens, Noah and Luke, have a loving energetic boxer named Calvin; however, they still felt something was missing. That something was another furry family member. They all agreed that Calvin was the best dog they ever had, so another boxer was the only breed for them.

Enter Rosie! She got the approval right away from the family and most importantly from Calvin. They are all having fun together, taking daily walks or runs, going hiking, doing some camping, and just hanging out and playing around the house.

Amie, Tony, Noah, Luke, and most importantly, Calvin, MustLuvBoxers Rescue is grateful that you all welcomed Rosie into your loving family. We can wait to see updates of the fun you all get to have with your new addition.

Johnna (now Roxie)

August 22, 2020

Krysta and her two young girls, Evelyn and Morgan, decided it was time to bring a puppy into their family. After looking at several, they finally found Johnna on the MLBR Facebook page and fell in love. She now goes by the name Roxie and is a welcome addition to the family; and one they’d patiently been waiting for.

Krysta really wanted her daughters to be able to grow up with a furry family member, and now this family of 4 is complete and they couldn’t be happier. Roxie won’t be alone during the day and will be very active when out with her family, enjoying things like hiking, running, camping, and of course lots of daily walks.

MustLuvBoxers Rescue is forever grateful to Krysta, Evelyn, and Morgan for welcoming Roxie into their loving family. We hope to get a lot of updates on all the adventures Roxie and her girls have together.

Shelly (now Pepper)

August 22, 2020

Suzanna and her husband Dane decided it was time to add a new family member. Their son, Arie, had done a great job caring for the family beta fish…so the next step is a puppy! They saw Shelly on PetFinder then got to meet her and all three knew she was perfect for them. This is an active family with time to train a new puppy, so the first lesson was to learn her new name – Pepper!

The family likes to go camping, biking, take trips to the park, and take long walks in their West Seattle neighborhood; all of these things will now be enjoyed as a family of four. Pepper is going to be one tired puppy!

Suzanna, Dane, and Arie, MustLuvBoxers Rescue loves that you welcomed Pepper into your family. Please keep us updated on all the adventures and fun you get to experience together.

Duncan (now Willy)

August 19, 2020

We are super happy to share with you that Duncan has been adopted!! He’s been in a foster-to-adopt home since he joined the MLBR family and we couldn’t be happier for Courtney and Geoffrey. Here’s how this official adoption came to be, as told by Courtney…

“Duncan, now Willy (he has the markings of an Orca with his white belly) joined our family at the end of March. After a few months of being quite the companion during my work from home orders and learning the ropes, he has calmed down quite a bit. Willy shows a new, silly side of himself everyday as he continues to make himself at home. He's even starting to cuddle, much to his mama's delight! He likes most dogs he meets and every single human. Willy enjoys his romps around the city and lets us know with his loud beautiful voice when we are standing around too long. We are so fortunate that Willy landed with us and we'll make sure he gets all the belly rubs he can handle! He's a big weirdo and we couldn't imagine him anywhere else!!”

Congratulations Geoffrey and Courtney! Thank you so much for welcoming Willy into your hearts and home. We can’t wait to get updates on all the fun you have together.


August 17, 2020

Sweet, senior-girl Nala has gotten her happily ever after! When MLBR welcomed Nala into the rescue, we didn’t have a foster home for her, so we put out a public plea for a foster or foster-to-adopt home. We are so thankful that Valerie and Doug saw our plea. We’ll let Valerie tell the story…

“We lost our boxer last fall to aggressive lymphoma. We had no experience with boxers before our daughter brought Ricki home. Well, before long we were attached. Our daughter moved out with Ricki eventually, but she became a shared family dog and stayed with us both. She left a hole in our hearts when she passed.

I came across MustLuvBoxers on Facebook and started following them. We so enjoy watching dogs and families find each other. It wasn’t too long before Nala came through as looking for a new home and she looked just right for us. We have had Nala for a couple months now and she is already a family member. She is so good with our grand-kids and loves anyone that comes to visit. She gets along well with our cats, Oly and Kit, and our 4 chickens as well! She is now happily living in the country with us. Thank you so very much for this wonderful boxer rescue program! It is a great thing!”

It’s always a very special day when our seniors get adopted. Congratulations to Valerie, Doug, and Nala for finding each other. We look forward to getting updates on how life in the country is going with their new addition

Shay (now Ruby)

August 17, 2020

Rebecca and her partner Josh have a young son, Joseph, and have also had furry family members in the past. They found themselves without one and now that Joseph was older, and Rebecca was a stay-at-home mom, they realized it was a good time to bring a puppy into their lives. They are no stranger to large breeds having had Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and Chows, just to name a few. They found Shay on the MLBR Facebook page and fell in love. She is now known as Ruby.

Ruby hit the jackpot with this active family and will get to enjoy camping, hiking, and taking long daily walks. Best of all…Ruby gets her very own boy, and best friend, to grow up with.

Rebecca, Josh, and Joseph, MustLuvBoxers Rescue expresses its gratitude for welcoming Ruby into your loving family. Please keep us updated on all the fun and adventures you have together.

Alura (now Willow)

August 16, 2020

Roger and his spouse, Larry, had a boxer mix many years ago named Kanois. They loved the mix and after 6 years without a furry family member, it was time for a new pup. They embraced the perfect one - young Alura, who they’ve renamed Willow.

Willow is in for lots of activity - hiking, backpacking, long walks in the neighborhood, and loads of play time with Roger and Larry!

MustLuvBoxers Rescue is so grateful for Roger and Larry for bringing Willow into their loving home. We hope to get updates on all the many adventures they take and we can’t wait to watch Willow as she grows up.


August 10, 2020

We are pleased to announce that Duke has been adopted! He didn’t even get a chance to have a bio posted before one of our current adopters threw their name in the hat for Duke. This gorgeous, 1-year-old brindle boy came to us by way of California in late July and we couldn’t be happier for him. Tami tells us how this adoption came to be…

“Ken and I have adopted 3 Boxers from MLBR. Ruckus, our blind senior boy, was our first. Then Daisy, our deaf girl. When we lost Ruckus to cancer, we adopted Linus, our second senior boy and our third MLBR dog. After we lost him to a brain tumor, we were beside ourselves and Daisy was a lonely mess.

Although we love senior boys, we decided we could not put Daisy through losing yet another brother. So, when I saw Duke's intro post, we jumped at the chance to meet him! And the rest is history! Daisy and Duke, (never forget the "and"), are already the best of friends and inseparable! We couldn't have found a better brother for our girl! He is sweet, loveable, and energetic, and we all love him!!”

Congratulations Ken, Tami, and Daisy! Thank you so much for welcoming Duke into your hearts and home, and for adopting for a 4th time!! Please keep us posted with updates on all the trouble Daisy and Duke get into.


July 23, 2020

Amanda, her husband Scott, and their 3 kids haven’t had a furry family member for about 5 years. That’s when their last dog passed away. They went searching for a smaller-sized wigglebutt that would be the perfect match for the family and especially for their young daughter. They soon saw Annie and knew she’d be a great fit.

Now, this family of 6 couldn’t be happier! They are an active family who enjoy daily walks, dog parks, hiking, and taking trips to the beach – all of which Annie will get to enjoy with them! Amanda is working from home due to Covid, and will be taking full advantage of this time to train and form a strong bond with young Annie.

MustLuvBoxers Rescue is ever so grateful to Amanda, Scott, Max, Calvin, and Sammy for welcoming Annie into their loving family. We look forward to many updates on all the great fun and adventures they have together.

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