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MLBR Adoption Stories

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November 04, 2020

What better way to celebrate National Adoption Month than to announce a very special, very awesome adoption with all of you.

Our beautiful brindle babe Anka has found her very own forever home with her amazing foster parents, Amber and Mike! These two have given Anka the best home a broken little puppy could have ever asked for. They saw her through a very difficult spinal surgery and have spent hours and hours of time on physical therapy. It’s not all been work though, they’ve also enjoyed countless hours of love and fun with their little girl Anka. Who, by the way, isn’t so little anymore! She’s got runway model quality legs and will be one year old in a couple of months. Hard to believe that when Anka joined the rescue, she could fit into one of Amber’s hands! Here’s what Amber and Mike shared with us on how this adoption came to be…

“Anka came to us as a special needs foster. I’d never seen a pup that could fit in the palm of my hand. How something so tiny could have so much determination, love, and perseverance, is beyond me. I think everyone could learn a little something from this dainty babe. She’s now 10x the size of when we brought her home; her desire to heal and succeed grew right along with her. It has been an honor to foster her, and now we feel very lucky to officially make her a member of our family. We love you little one, welcome to the pack. Though she be but little, she is fierce.”

Congratulations to Amber and Mike, and the rest of their pack! We couldn’t be happier that Anka has become a permanent member of your family. All of us at MLBR thank you so much for all the love and care you’ve given Anka all these months and we can’t wait to watch her blossom further. It’s important to note that this day is doubly special because it’s also the day that Amber and Mike celebrate MLBR alum Water’s 3rd Adoptaversary!!


November 01, 2020

We have a wonderful story of “love at first sight” to share with all of you that we’ve been counting down the days to until we could announce it. The cutest little tri-pawd Boxer puppy you’ve ever seen, Remi, has found her forever home and family with MLBR volunteers Laurie and Josh. We’ll let Laurie tell you how this came to be…

“When Remi first crossed our path, we were not yet ready to adopt another boxer, let alone a puppy. We had an ailing senior girl (Chloe), and we were focused on spending as much quality time as possible with her. But when Remi spent her first night with us, when we helped with her transition to the rescue and to a new vet, we knew there was just something so special about her. Chloe seemed to give her nod of approval to this tiny pup as well. As we watched her journey over the next several days, it became pretty clear that we were in love, so we put in our application.

We lost our senior girl a few weeks later, and our hearts were hurting. Our boxer-boy Fozzie was lost without his buddy. But we were able to visit Remi regularly at her foster home, and this special girl just wiggled her way into our hearts more and more each time. Fozzie loved her from the moment he first met her, and we knew that this sassy little girl would be the perfect sibling.

Remi’s strength and spirit has been so inspiring for us to witness, and we are so incredibly thankful that MLBR chose us to be her forever family.”

Everyone at MLBR wants to congratulate Josh and Laurie on the arrival of their new fur-baby. She couldn’t have found a better home and family with these seasoned boxer parents. We can’t wait to hear about all the great times Remi and Fozzie will have together and look forward to watching Remi grow up and blossom.


October 22, 2020

Every young boy should grow up with a dog, right? Well, Emily and her husband Jeramy wanted to make sure that their son, Alaric, was no exception. While they hadn’t had a boxer in their own family, Jeramy’s mom had one in the past, so they were already fond of the breed. Soon, while looking online, they all saw Chevy, who is a boxer-mix, and immediately fell in love. Chevy appeared to be a perfect match to what they were looking for and is now part of the family.

As an active participant in all family activities, Chevy is going to enjoy taking walks, going on trips to the park/river, and playing in the yard. As Emily mentioned, boxers are good family dogs and great with kids, so now Alaric has a furry best friend and Chevy has a loving family to call her own.

Emily, Jeramy, and Alaric, MustLuvBoxers Rescue is very thankful you three are welcoming Chevy into your family. Please keep us updated on all the fun and adventures you embark on.

Coqueta (now Koki)

October 17, 2020

Larry and Susan recently lost their beloved ridgeback/black mouth to hip dysplasia and really missed the love of a furry family member. But then they found Coqueta! After meeting her they found her to be sweet and loving, and knew she would make a great full-time companion. When she was in foster care, she was nick-named Koki and that is now her official name.

Koki is enjoying retired life with Susan and Larry and will get to participate in all the activities they enjoy, like taking walks and spending time tending to their yard and garden. She’ll be living the life!!

Koki, MustLuvBoxers Rescue knows you will love your new family with Larry and Susan. We can’t wait to hear about the good times the three of you have together.

Maizie (now Lily)

October 12, 2020

A 7-year-old Goldendoodle named Lyno was looking for a furry friend for himself and his humans - Alyssa and Stevin. They all found that in Maizie, who is now known as Lily.

Lily, along with her new sibling Lyno, have a sweet home-life as both humans work from home. The four of them are an active group who enjoy long daily walks, local hikes, and fun family trips - pretty much anything outdoors!

Alyssa and Stevin, but especially Lyno, MustLuvBoxers Rescue is so happy that you welcomed Lily into your family. Please keep us updated on all the adventures and fun you have together.

Guerro and Lala

October 12, 2020

Lala and Guerro are a lucky pair to be adopted together!! As the saying goes “what’s better than adopting one boxer…adopting two!” Linda and Kerry love the breed and have had 4 boxers since 2005, having lost their last one in 2019. They were now ready to welcome a boxer back into the family. In fact, Linda and Kerry were looking for a pair and soon met both Lala and Guerro and the four of them were an instant hit!

Kerry and Linda, MustLuvBoxers Rescue is so thankful that you found Guerro and Lala, and that they could fill the holes left in your hearts from your past pups. We can’t wait to hear about all the adventures you four have together.

Nanna (now Nanza)

October 10, 2020

Nanna makes her move! Rosalie has enjoyed meeting, interacting, and loving her sister’s 7 rescued Boxers. She loves the breed because they are big enough to be intimidating, but they have great personalities which make them excellent company and family. Rosalie fell in love with Nanna’s adorable shyness; a sweet mellow lady, which is just what she was looking for. Along with a fresh start, Nanna got a fresh new name – Nanza – which was chosen because it’s the name of the little town where Rosalie’s mom grew up.

Now Rosalie and Nanza will be spending so much time together doing fun things like working in the yard, taking walks, going on hikes, traveling, and just hanging out around the house.

Rosalie, MustLuvBoxers Rescue is so grateful that you welcomed a senior Boxer into your loving home. Please keep us updated on all the outings and good times you and Nanza have together.


October 05, 2020

Lisa and her husband Chris have enjoyed the company of boxers in their family for over a dozen years - they love the breed! Currently, they have Ruger, a 5-year-old boxer, who they love very much. They decided they wanted to add another boxer to the family, because after all, they love their personality. Being a volunteer with MLBR, Lisa knew the perfect place to find a boxer. They spied Daisy and had a feeling she’d be perfect for them and Ruger, and they were right! Daisy will get to enjoy daily walks, hikes, and trips to the dog park with her new active family.

Daisy, we sure hope you enjoy your new family and all the fun the 4 of you are going to have. MustLuvBoxers Rescue thanks Lisa, Chris, and Ruger for welcoming Daisy into their family. And we also thank Lisa for being one of our wonderful volunteers. We look forward to getting updates about the new adventures you all have together.

Hunter (now Louis)

September 24, 2020

Danielle and Wyatt wanted to grow their small family. The best way to do that - add a furry family member! Which they did, when they found Hunter. He was the perfect choice for them, being a senior boxer. The only thing that wasn’t quite right was his name - so he is now called Louis (because he’s the king of the castle according to Danielle).

Louis has already become an active member of the family, as they all enjoy going on road trips, walks, and make visits to the many dog-friendly breweries nearby.

Danielle and Wyatt, MustLuvBoxers Rescue thanks you for welcoming Louis into your family. Please keep us updated on all the adventures you three have together.


September 24, 2020

Diana and her husband, Jerry, recently lost their boxer. They are no strangers to boxers, having had several in their immediate and extended family over the years. When it was time to finally bring another pup into their lives, they found Lily and knew she was the one.

Hopefully, Lily will get to join Diana at work just like her previous boxer often did. Lily will have a great life where she’ll be doing all the fun things her new family does; like going on daily walks, taking road trips, hiking, and camping. Well, maybe not everything…she will have to skip the weekend Harley rides that Diana and Jerry like to do, but she’ll be happily awaiting their return.

Lily, MustLuvBoxers Rescue knows you will love your new family! Diana and Jerry, MLBR thanks you so much for loving and welcoming Lily. We can’t wait to hear about all the fun you 3 have.